Vaginal Odor During Pregnancy - What Does It Mean?

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Vaginal odor during pregnancy is a common issue which women face. This happens due to an increase in the secretion of fluids and mucus from the cervix. As a result excess moisture gets accumulated in the vaginal area. This combined with changes happening in the acidic levels of the vagina make it an excellent breeding ground for the vaginal infection causing bacteria to thrive and multiply.

During pregnancy odor may be accompanied by a cheesy yellowish discharge and vaginal itching.

These symptoms and vaginal odor during pregnancy is a clear indication of a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. In this article I am going to share information on pregnancy and bacterial vaginosis..

Bacterial vaginosis occurs when the pH balance of the vagina is disturbed for any reason whatsoever. This vaginal infection causes a fishy vaginal odor which can be avoided by taking certain precautions like:

a) Making use of cotton panties which absorb excessive discharge thereby reducing the odor.

b) Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes which will make the vagina and groin area sweat more. Moist and damp conditions are the best breeding ground for the infection causing bacteria.

c) Make use of panty liners to absorb the discharge and mask the odor to some extent. Be sure to change the panty liners at regular intervals.

d) Sleep without underwear at night to let the vagina breathe freely.

e) Do not make use of soaps which may contain chemicals in the vaginal area. It is sufficient to clean the vagina with plain water twice a day.

f) Drink 2-3 liters of water to rule out the possibility of the infection being transmitted through the urinary tract.

If vaginal odor during pregnancy persists despite the use of these natural cures for more than 10-15 days please do consult your doctor.

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    Vaginal infection is a common condition occurring in women from puberty, adulthood, pregnancy to menopausal stage. This refers to an increase in the normal number of organisms present in the vagina: bacteria, protozoan, or yeasts. It is one reason why women see their physicians often because this infection can happen now and then to most women. Stress, hormonal changes or illness can trigger such condition.

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    Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common infections of the female reproductive system. This infection is caused by the imbalance in the vagina making bacteria grow in it. The vagina is protected by a delicate pH balance. Meaning to say, there is an optimum acidity that the vagina has to keep in order to safeguard the reproductive system from harmful bacteria. Actually, there are good bacteria in the vagina but once a pH imbalance occurs, bad bacteria also start to grow.

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    One of the simplest ways to reduce the risk of suffering from bacterial vaginosis or to prevent bacterial vaginosis is to adopt safe sexual health habits. Limiting the number of sexual partners is recommended to reduce the risk of suffering from bacterial vaginosis. This is because incidence of vaginosis is greater in women who are sexually active and have multiple partners.

    By: Melaniel Sexualityl 01/06/2011 lViews: 121

    Vaginal itching, irritation and a burning sensation in and around the vaginal area are normally symptoms of Vaginitis. Women suffering from yeast infection too are bound to experience these symptoms. However these are characteristic symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.

    By: Melaniel Sexualityl 09/05/2011 lViews: 90

    There is no one single cure for vaginal odor which is caused due to bacterial vaginosis. A combination of simple home remedies and preventive measures are both required to eliminate the vagina smell. Vaginosis is a common bacterial infection women suffer from.

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    How to get rid of vaginal odor fast once and for all? This is an embarrassing condition which is very awkward to discuss with others.

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    I used to suffer from fishy vaginal smell almost all the time. I used to make me feel unclean. Despite having bath twice a day and washing my vaginal area thoroughly the smell persisted.

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    Are you trying to figure out how to get rid of a smelly vagina? Fishy vaginal smell is something which is not easy to put up with. The odor stays with you wherever you go and whatever you do. It makes you self conscious and embarrassed to discuss the issue even with your own partner.

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    I had a recurring problem which had bothered me for almost a year-bad vaginal odor. No matter how much I cleaned, bathed and washed, my vaginal smell was just there all the time. To add to my frustration, my doctors found nothing wrong with me as such to cause the odor. My doctors prescribed pills under the impression that it was vaginal infection which would go away.

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    Bad vaginal odor is embarrassing to say the least. All of us have a natural vaginal scent which we get used to over a period of time. However when this scent turns unpleasant it is a clear indication of a vaginal infection. What can you do on your own to eliminate this smell once and for all?

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