Vaginal Itchiness: How To Calm The Irritation

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An unfortunate part of being a woman is that vaginal itching and general discomfort will more than likely be experienced at one time or another. Closely associated to the menopause in many instances, though other reasons can be to blame, there can also be quite severe and intense pain while having sexual intercourse. There is no need to suffer though, with many remedies available, such as natural lubricants.

After menopause, a lack of lubrication is extremely common, with fifty per cent of all women suffering vaginal dryness and the horrible sensations that come with it. This is generally due to the decline in estrogen levels and other changes in the hormones.

The use of natural lubricants can really help here, but in addition, there are also other steps that can be taken. For example, women use a great many toiletries and laundry products which are heavily perfumed. Often through the use of harsh chemicals, getting rid of these can help substantially.

Keeping an eye on the diet is important too; but not necessarily in the way that you may think. One easy way that should certainly help matters is to increase the drinking of water through the day. Ideally, two liters of water should be taken through the day to promote the production of the body's own vaginal lubrication.

Another dietary tip which will be very hard for some women is to increase the level of fat they eat through the day. We all know that the body needs some fat to operate, and this is certainly true for the production of sex hormones. Eating seeds and cooking with healthy fats such as vegetable oils, olive oils and the like will help.

Applying natural vagina lubricants directly to the area will help too, and it is a particularly good idea to use these just before having sex with a partner. There are many different types of these available, each of which is likely to suit some users better than others. As such, reading about the ingredients and of what is available will help.

Heading to a specialist online store will help too, as they will be able to provide specialized advice and guidance for each individual. Furthermore, there will be better deals on offers here, and they are far more likely to bring new products to the market ahead of anyone else.

Many natural vagina lubricants also contain vitamins and herbs which can work to immediately reduce the pain caused from itching. Working to take the nasty swelling down there, they can provide exceptional relief very quickly; ideal for when the condition rears its ugly ahead at the most inconvenient of times.

In a similar vein, there are many natural vaginal gels available today. Working in much the same way as regular lubricants, these tend to be slightly thicker. For this reason, they can be more pleasurable to apply and to wear whilst having sex.

Both types of vaginal treatments, lubricants and gels, will most likely contain antibacterial agents to keep the vagina healthy too. Furthermore, they will also help increase blood flow to the area, which in turn will promote the body's natural lubricant production.

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    Samantha Gluck

    Women can experience bouts of vaginal dryness at any age, but most often notice it during and after menopause when estrogen levels fall. When chronic dryness occurs during menopause, the condition is called atrophic vaginitis.

    By: Samantha Gluckl Sexualityl 02/12/2010 lViews: 329

    A woman's genital area often changes during, after or even just before they reach menopause. Many women can suffer from symptoms such as pain during sexual intercourse, vaginal dryness and itching and urinary discomfort. Thankfully, all of these symptoms can be easily treated nowadays. Treatments such as HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), oestrogen gels and female lubrication gels are all readily available.

    By: Jackie MJ Whitel Sexualityl 10/06/2011 lViews: 92
    Carson Shay

    As women get more mature in age, inevitably, there are certain health issues that become a part of their life. Coping with vaginal dryness is one of the more common ailments. This is generally associated with menopause and the hormonal imbalance during the transition. It can show itself in the form of burning or itching and sometimes causes painful intercourse and frequent urination.

    By: Carson Shayl Sexualityl 04/01/2012 lViews: 52

    Vaginal infection is a common condition occurring in women from puberty, adulthood, pregnancy to menopausal stage. This refers to an increase in the normal number of organisms present in the vagina: bacteria, protozoan, or yeasts. It is one reason why women see their physicians often because this infection can happen now and then to most women. Stress, hormonal changes or illness can trigger such condition.

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    mark tomabang

    The effects of vaginal dryness on your sex life can be disastrous. Even though sex may not be the most important thing in a relationship, there is no denying that sexual problems can quickly spill over into other aspects of your relationship and even your life.

    By: mark tomabangl Sexualityl 05/03/2011 lViews: 78

    It's difficult to consider that hundreds of thousands of women endure from agonizing sexual intercourse and very low libido in silence when you'll find in fact points that you are able to do about it. Usually occasions a lady is far too embarrassed to speak with any person about her sexual health and fitness problems or just believes that there is nothing at all to become carried out. Thankfully, you can have an improved sexual acts living which has a rejuvenated vagina—and also a ton much more

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    If you have been wondering about the obvious signs of vaginal dryness, the best course of action is to make an appointment to see your trusted gynaecologist. However, you can see the telltale warnings of vaginal dryness by pinpointing several symptoms beforehand.Unlike menstruation, menopause doesn't start in one day, it is a drawn out process that slowly happens over the course of several years. However, during perimenopause, menopause and even postmenopause a woman can experience various unple

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    An itchy penis is a common problem for many men, but it may present a special problem for those with a latex allergy, as it may make using condoms an issue.

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    Carson Shay

    Any women with a dry vagina can be better placed to state the pain and frustration that it causes. It may not necessarily be considered as a medical issue; however, it may be quite uncomfortable. For some this condition may be more or less permanent. There are also those who experience this once in while. All in all, it can impact negatively on a woman's self-esteem and sex life. The good news is that there are a number of easy ways for Rejuvenating vaginal area that's dry.

    By: Carson Shayl Sexualityl 25/01/2012 lViews: 54
    Carson Shay

    How to find relief for vaginal itching is important. There are several problems that come along with an itching vagina. Problems are distracting, embarrassing, painful, and ultimately unwanted. If not treated the problem can get worse. Many women have difficulty undertaking average tasks throughout the day due to the irritation and physical discomfort associated with a dry vagina. Even intercourse may become a chore.

    By: Carson Shayl Sexualityl 06/01/2012
    Carson Shay

    As women get more mature in age, inevitably, there are certain health issues that become a part of their life. Coping with vaginal dryness is one of the more common ailments. This is generally associated with menopause and the hormonal imbalance during the transition. It can show itself in the form of burning or itching and sometimes causes painful intercourse and frequent urination.

    By: Carson Shayl Sexualityl 04/01/2012 lViews: 52
    Carson Shay

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    Many women suffer from vaginal dryness due to natural and unnatural causes. Some of the causes are due to menopause, medication, douching, certain beverages and unbalanced estrogen levels in the body. The good news is there are 5 steps to heal vaginal dryness naturally.

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    Every girl has thought about it. As has every guy who has went down on a woman. Open communication can be awkward especially when talking about how someone is down there. This article is to let you know of at least 5 foods and drinks to improve your vaginal taste.

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    In the final weeks leading up to a pregnancy and for 6-weeks after a woman's private area will be sore and irritated. When can couple's return to an active intimate life and how can natural lubricants restore the pleasure?

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    After childbirth many women worry about the lasting effects of a loose vagina. This is an easily solved issue for most women using the techniques highlighted in this article.

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