Make Girl Orgasm Fast – Tips on How to Make a Girl Orgasm

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Every man would like to have the skills necessary to make a girl orgasm fast. There are specific ways to make this happen. I will explain these seven techniques briefly on how to make a girl orgasm to help you make your lady happier than she has ever been before.


  • Foreplay can stimulate a woman and make her excited enough to have a fast orgasm. This may take some time to learn because each woman likes different things. When you have figured out what to do to make her happy, use that to get her ready and able to reach the orgasm faster.

Sexual Position

  • There are many positions that can be tried, from “missionary” to the “piledriver’. It is best to try a lot because each one has their advantages and each woman likes different things. Also, when you have been together a while it is nice to have a change.

Penetration Depth

  • Deep or shallow women each are unique and so the depth that pleases them most will vary. You must be sure that you are not going too deep because for a woman, once that happens it may hinder the ability for her to orgasm all together.

Dirty Talk

  • This is an option you have but, not all women enjoy talking dirty. The best way to find out is ask or you could also just try it and see if she reciprocates. Talking dirty could be just the spice she needs to get to her climax faster.

Pay Attention to Her

  • This is what helps you realize what she likes. Facial expressions and moans or the lack there of are what you look for. If she does not seem excited then change whatever it is you are doing. This important step can keep you hitting her “G-spot” and get her to orgasm faster. This can also let you know what pace to go at as well.

Controlling Ejaculation

  • Women unlike men need more time to climax. Your goal is to last until she has finished and controlling your ejaculation will allow her to get to the climax before you do. The longer you last could also result in her having multiple orgasm s when combined with the other steps.

It is true women can cum but only if their partner knows where to touch and how to bring it out from them. If you can successfully release this fluid you will be in her dreams for the rest of her life. Visit to Learn How You can Give Women Multiple Ejaculating Orgasms With Over 200 Techniques and Positions to Ensure you are Giving your woman the Ultimate Pleasure All Night Long - 100% Guaranteed!

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