Is My Vagina the Right Size and Does Size Matter?

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The Brits studied the vulvas and vaginas of premenopausal women and compared them. You may wonder why I mentioned vaginas and vulvas separately. While most women think of their vaginas and vulvas as a complete package; not so in medical circles. They look at the vagina as more of a penis receptacle and birth canal and the vulva is considered a doorway and pleasure center. If they only knew.

In this British study at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital, in London, they measured everything about the vulva: the size of the clitoris; the size and location of the urethra; the size, color, texture and thickness of the labia; the location in relation to your anus. You get the idea. In another study they took measurements of the vaginas of 39 women.

Here is what they found: “women vary widely in genital dimensions.” Or in other words everybody is different and variety is normal. They did find that genital dimensions tend to mirror body type: the bigger a woman is and the taller she is the more likely she is to have a slightly larger vagina. A bigger role in vaginal size was age and the number of times a woman had given birth. The doctors found the length of the vagina varied between 2 ¾ inches and 5 ¾ inches while the width was between just under 2 inches to 2 ½ inches.

Another factor even more important for vagina size than a woman’s body type, age and number of child births are the strength and size of the vagina muscles or pelvic floor. Women with poor pelvic muscle development have vagina muscles as small as a ½ inch thick, while women with healthy and strong vaginas have muscles 2 inches thick or more.

While a woman can’t change the appearance and location of her vagina she can control the tightness, strength and health of her vagina through proper pelvic exercise. While Kegel exercises are a good place to start, for a woman to properly exercise her vagina muscles and get the maximum benefits (not only a tight vagina but better orgasms too) she needs to use a pelvic exerciser.

Women have a great advantage over men in this regard. While it is possible for man to make his penis larger, the process is painful and takes months. For a woman who uses a pelvic exerciser she can tighten herself up in just a few weeks and the process is easy and enjoyable.

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