If Your Vaginal Discharge Looks Like This You May Have the Bacterial Vaginosis Infection

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Bacterial vaginosis just recently has been strongly highlighted on our television screens and not before time I say. We have the incontinence pad, sanitary towels and tampons regularly advertised in between our favorite soaps, or much to some women's embarrassment when match of the day is on, but never have we seen vaginal infections and its treatments brought before us this way. This is good news for the woman with bacterial vaginosis as it clarifies any concerns she may have that she is the only one it has infected. It also proves to her, normality, and more importantly tells her how to treat the vaginal infection.

Bacterial vaginosis produces vaginal discharge which is the outcome from an overgrowth of normal bacteria in the vagina. This condition was once known as Gardnerella vaginitis. Bacterial vaginosis mirrors that there are several class of bacteria's which live in and around the vagina. The Gardnerella organism is not completely to blame for being the cause. If the bacteria becomes imbalanced the vaginal discharge emits and unpleasant fishy smell. Most vaginal infections is usually determined by a woman`s discharge, and bacterial vaginosis shows distinctive signs in this quarter. Women with unusual discharge should be assessed so serious infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhea can be eliminated.

Primary symptoms of bacterial vaginosis to look out for are vaginal discharge and smell. The amount of vaginal discharge considered normal varies in each woman. Some women with the disease have no symptoms at all. Bacterial vaginosis discharge is usually loose and greyish white and often more noticeable after sexual intercourse.

As we speak there is no evident proof for the actual cause of bacterial vaginosis. Nevertheless we have theories and one being is that a combination of various bacteria must be present together for the problem to develop. Bacterial vaginosis typically features a decrease in the number of the normal hydrogen peroxide-producing lactobacilli in the vagina. Simultaneously, there is a boost in concentration of other sorts of bacteria, especially anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that develop in the absence of oxygen). As a result, the conclusion and treatment are not as easy as identifying and eliminating one sort of bacteria. Why the bacteria combine to cause the infection remains a mystery.

You should consider giving up cigarettes, never to douche and cut down on sexual partners as these have been said to cause a woman to suffer bacterial vaginosis. Bear in mind you do not have to do, or indulge in any of the above mentioned for the condition to happen. Symptoms which could signify that you have other than bacterial vaginosis is fever like symptoms and pelvic pain, if you have these then there is every possibility that the doctor will perform a pelvic exam. During the exam he/she will look towards the vaginal lining and cervix for clues so as to speak to help with diagnosis. The doctor will also perform an exam of the ovaries and uterus. The cervix is examined for tenderness, which might indicate a more serious infection.

Samples may be collected and sent on for further testing to help exclude assumptions of chlamydia or gonorrhea infection as the exact prognosis. Laboratory testing under the microscope will help separate any indecisiveness as opposed to certainties of what condition is present. Tests will distinguish bacterial vaginosis from yeast vaginitis (candidiasis) and trichomonas (a type of sexually transmitted infection). A sign of bacterial vaginosis under the microscope is an odd vaginal cell named a clue cell. Doctors rely upon the clue cells as they are believed to be the best reliable diagnostic source of bacterial vaginosis. In addition to clue cells, the patient with bacterial vaginosis has fewer of the usual vaginal bacteria, called lactobacilli. A vaginal pH greater than 4.5 is also suggestive of bacterial vaginosis.

Then we have the whiff test which is performed last. The whiff test process is done with potassium hydroxide (KOH) liquid. When a drop of KOH testing liquid used in the "whiff test" contacts a drop of the discharge from a woman with bacterial vaginosis, a certain fishy odor can result.

As with most infections antibiotics is regular medication given and so with bacterial vaginosis also.

A couple of antibiotics we recognize for treating the conditions is Metronidazole taken by mouth or vaginal metronidazole gel (Metrogel) not by mouth. There is also vaginal clindamycin cream (Cleocin) a very effective treatment. The oral metronidazole can cause some minor but unpleasant side effects so make sure to ask your doctor about this.

Tinidazole is an antibiotic that appears to have fewer side effects than metronidazole and is also effective for treating bacterial vaginosis. Although we say "fewer" side effects, they could however be a "few" too many if they are real nasty so again check this out.

If you are pregnant and suspect you have bacterial vaginosis then it is vital you see your GP as it is not healthy for you or your baby if you have the infection. In pregnancy, bacterial vaginosis can cause premature labor, premature birth, infection of the amniotic fluid, and infection of the uterus after delivery.

Don`t over worry yourself at this stage as it is easily treated, and stress can cause your unborn baby stress to while in the womb it is said. Give your baby a healthy start in life by having a healthy mum free of infection.

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