How to Use Yogurt For Vaginal Yeast Infection

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You can utilise yogurt for vaginal yeast infection just as thousands of women worldwide have done. When using the yogurt vaginal yeast infection home remedy keep in mind that you are using it to battle the cause of your infection which is the Candida Albicans fungi. You are using a key benefit of yogurt to effectively keep this fungi in check so that it doesn't multiply. It's this 'overgrow' that causes your vaginal yeast infection.

First, a word of warning. The yogurt needs to be the plain variety. That means that there are no added sugars, coloring or fruit. Then you need to check that the container or label says "live and active cultures". Ask the store assistant to help if need be.

Why are these active cultures important? Well, one in particular called Lactobacillus acidophilus is what is termed a 'good' or 'beneficial' bacteria. And it's important because it's one of the many good bacteria we have in our bodies. This one manages the numbers of Candida Albicans -- which also occur naturally in our bodies -- so that they don't overgrow and cause yeast infections.

Sometimes, though, the numbers of good bacteria aren't sufficient to prevent the Candida fungi from overgrowing. This can happen due to things like too much antibiotics, steroids, diabetes, a lowered immune system, poor diet, drug habits, etc. When this happens you have a yeast infection. These can appear most anywhere; the intestinal tract, vagina, mouth, anus, etc. The most common among women sufferers is vaginal yeast infection.

Now, let's look at how you'll use the yogurt vaginal yeast infection remedy...

The first way to use it is simply consume plain yogurt every day. Over time, this will build up your good bacteria in your intestinal tract and re-address the good / bad bacteria balance there. This will help prevent yeast infections spreading from there to, for example, the vagina.

As a topical remedy, apply plain yogurt directly to the labia and vulva. In addition, coat a tampon with the yogurt and leave in overnight. Repeat each night until your vaginal yeast infection symptoms are eliminated, but repeat for a further 2 nights to make sure.

There is no doubt that most women will feel the benefits of using yogurt for vaginal yeast infection. But for many women, vaginal yeast infections can be very stubborn, i.e. the symptoms go away but return in time, again and again. One of the reasons is that yogurt on its own cannot deal with the underlying conditions that help trigger the Candida overgrow, e.g. diet and lifestyle choices. That's why many women have had to turn to a complete natural treatment program. 

To get fastrack access to a proven natural yeast infection treatment program that has worked for thousands of women like you around the world go to now and discover how you could be free from your vaginal yeast infection in as little as 12 hours.

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