How To Tighten Vagina - Tighten Your Vagina Fast

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Many women, especially after childbirth, feel loose. And it is true that giving birth to a child can loosen your vaginal muscle and pelvic floor by up to 50%. As a result, many women have decreased sensation during intercourse. The key to bringing back the friction required to have awesome sex is a simple one- vaginal exercises. Let me explain how you can both tighten and strengthen your vagina in no time at all.

How The Vagina Becomes Loose

  • The vagina can become "loose" as a result of childbirth. As was mentioned above, your pelvic floor can be weakened by as much as 50%. This can cause many problems, such as stress urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse. Incontinence occurs because the muscles that support the urethra becomes too weak to maintain proper control. When you laugh or sneeze or cough, the muscle can no longer control the urethra correctly, and you leak urine as a result.
  • Uterine Prolapse occurs because the pelvic floor muscles can no longer support the uterus. The uterus then falls into the vaginal canal. The weight of the uterus increases by as much as 50 times during pregnancy. As you can imagine, this places significant stress on the muscles that support it, which is the primary cause of uterine prolapse.

How To Tighten My Vagina

Fortunately, there are exercises that you can do both during pregnancy and after pregnancy that will help you make your pelvic floor much stronger.

You've all heard of Kegel exercises. And they truly are exceptionally powerful. Kegel exercises do not just strengthen your PC muscle (the muscle that contracts during an orgasm.), but will strengthen the rest of the muscles that make up the pelvic floor. Doing Kegels every day will very quickly strengthen these muscles. It is not only very important to prevent stress incontinence and uterine prolapse, but doing these exercises will make your sex life absolutely mind-blowing.

How A Tighter Vagina Makes Sex Mind-Blowing

The most important muscle to tighten and strengthen in order to achieve an incredible sex life is the PC muscle. This muscle contracts when you have an orgasm. Working out this muscle will cause it to become significantly stronger. And when it becomes stronger, it will contract more powerfully, which means your orgasms will be off the charts. Moreover, you will have much more control over your vaginal muscles,which will allow you to surprise your man with an arsenal of vaginal massages.

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    Tanay Kumar Das

    Does size really matter, well this would depend on what we refer too. If we talk of a young child in a fight, then yes, because no toddler is able for the teen, or if you`re hungry, then a small size food portion will not fill your belly. What on earth has this got to do with vagina`s you may well ask, "satisfaction" that`s what.

    By: Tanay Kumar Dasl Sexualityl 26/03/2010 lViews: 662
    Carson Shay

    After childbirth many women worry about the lasting effects of a loose vagina. This is an easily solved issue for most women using the techniques highlighted in this article.

    By: Carson Shayl Sexualityl 26/05/2011 lViews: 95

    The main reasons for tightening the vagina are incontinence especially after having a baby and improving your sex life. The latter is something that not many women know about, but orgasms can be out of this world after just a few days of these exercises.

    By: michaell Sexualityl 13/02/2010 lViews: 301

    A woman enjoys a sexual act more when the vagina is tight and lubricated. Know how to tighten vagina with tightening pills or cream.

    By: Peter Filinovichl Sexualityl 14/02/2011 lViews: 301
    Amber Linduski

    When it comes to vagina tightening, I feel I'm the queen of vagina knowledge or so I think? I've been researching this subject for many years now and after doing the exercises I've achieved excellent results, so I knew it was time to share this with all of you who are interested! Is vagina tightening surgery the way to go? Let's find out right now, shall we?

    By: Amber Linduskil Sexualityl 16/06/2010 lViews: 243

    Vagina tightening exercises are by far the most successful strategy to the two strengthen and tighten your vagina. Tightening the vagina will make your sex lifestyle exceptional,

    By: Brock Schinkel Sexualityl 10/02/2011 lViews: 77
    Ajeet Gautam

    Women who have given birth or who are aging face many physical changes including a problem of a loose vagina. Once women loose firmness in their vagina they tend to loose interest in sex as they do no feel the same penetration feeling which they experienced when they had a young and a tight vagina.

    By: Ajeet Gautaml Sexualityl 23/08/2009 lViews: 436
    Ajeet Gautam

    Did you know that in a recent survey more than 87% women thought that a tightened vagina can greatly help in increasing their sexual relationships with their partners. It is an ultimate desire for men to have a sexual partner who has a tight vagina as it enhances the sexual pleasure immensely.

    By: Ajeet Gautaml Sexualityl 29/03/2009 lViews: 3,522
    Ajeet Gautam

    Vagina tightening creams have been gaining in immense popularity amongst women in the west largely due to their quick results and absence of any side effects. In this article let us find out more about these creams and why they are increasingly becoming an effect alternative to vagina tightening

    By: Ajeet Gautaml Sexualityl 29/11/2009 lViews: 74

    Should I tighten up my loose vagina? This is a question that many women tend to ask themselves on a day to day basis especially when their partners at home complain about their looseness.

    By: Kameisha Morrisl Sexualityl 24/01/2011 lViews: 74
    John Dugan

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    While some causes of penis bumps require treatment, others are natural and harmless. Men can learn about three types of bumps that may affect the penis but are not causes for concern here.

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    John Dugan

    It's hard to fully enjoy sex when one has a numb penis. Restoring lost sensitivity (or preventing it from occurring) enables a man to enjoy sexual pleasure to the fullest.

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    John Dugan

    An itchy penis is a common problem for many men, but it may present a special problem for those with a latex allergy, as it may make using condoms an issue.

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    John Dugan

    Exercise is beneficial to several areas of one's life, including sex. Learn the best exercises for better sex.

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    Some women don't seem to know what really turns a man on. A lot of men start looking for other women and mistresses because the male mind gets bored easily. Learn these tips to make sure your man doesn't ever get bored.

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    If you want to make you sex life super hot, then I am going to share with you a few very effective sex tips that will drive your man absolutely wild. You want men to remember you for your sexual expertise. You want them to talk to all of your buddies about how amazing you are/were in the bedroom. Follow these three simple tips to turn up the heat instantly!

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    Many men roll their eyes when they hear the word massage. They think, "No thanks, not for me." Well, a lot of men should reconsider this attitude, because women need foreplay to get into a sexual mood. This article provides some amazing sexual massage tips to make your woman worship you.

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    There are a few ways to get your woman to a state of absolute paralyzed ecstasy. The important aspect of this is to understand that speed can, and often times will, kill her ability to have an amazing pulsing orgasm. This is due to the very sensitive nature of the clitoris. There are many book, articles, and web sites that discuss oral sex moves that involve moving your tongue or finger very quickly to bring a woman to orgasm.

    By: Katherine Blooml Sexualityl 07/12/2009 lViews: 1,704

    Many women wonder how they can tighten their vagina. They find themselves increasingly self-conscious about their tightness, especially after giving birth. Others simply feel loose. And often the first thing they come across are vaginal tightening creams. Unfortunately, these creams do not work.

    By: Katherine Blooml Sexualityl 05/12/2009 lViews: 178

    Vaginal rejuvenation, on average, costs between 5000-8000 dollars. Not only is this exorbitant, but there's no need for it! Don't make doctors rich when you can tighten and strengthen your vagina for free! That's right, you don't need to go under the knife (or laser) to get a tighter, stronger vagina.

    By: Katherine Blooml Sexualityl 05/12/2009 lViews: 763 lComments: 1

    Many women often report that they feel "loose," or that they just don't feel as tight as they'd like to feel. Other women have had a child, and their vaginal muscles and pelvic floor have been significantly stressed as a result. This often leads to stress urinary incontinence, and can even lead to pelvic organ prolapse. There are, however, very simple exercises that can completely eliminate both of these problems - Kegel exercises. The benefits of tightening a "loose" vagina are numerous.

    By: Katherine Blooml Sexualityl 01/12/2009 lViews: 796

    So you want to tighten your vagina? Maybe you've recently had a child, or maybe you want to tighten you vaginal muscles to make your love life absolutely explosive. Either way, it's possible with completely natural exercises. Yes, there are toys that you can purchase to help you make your vagina tighter, but they are by no means necessary, and can be very expensive.

    By: Katherine Blooml Sexualityl 01/12/2009 lViews: 2,645
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