How to Tell if Your Vagina is Perfect - the Ideal Vagina Has to be This?

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What gives me the impression that your here because you are concerned you may have an abnormal vagina or you know someone that has (girlfriend.) Before going further let`s put you out of your misery. There is no such thing as an abnormal vagina. Abnormal is a word which refers to something that is not considered "usual", see the way I evaded the word "normal" and used usual because the same applies. What is meant here is the vagina may look different (not abnormal) that`s all. So no you don`t have an abnormal vagina but maybe one that is different.

What should be your concern is having a healthy vagina. Think about it; look at the women with different shaped faces, body size and hair color, which of these are considered normal "none" because this is how we were all born with differences. Nevertheless if you`re not swayed by the facts and still worry then let us explain using the words normal and abnormal.

Unless your vagina turns penis then this is not accepted as normal. What is normal anymore when you see some people changing their gender choosing the penis over the vagina? How can the vagina ever be perfect with foreskin.

The odds of your vagina being different to that of the next woman`s is very slim. Differences only occur if the pubic hair is colored styled or shaved. Keep your vagina healthy to have peace of mind. Poor genital hygiene causes other vaginal issues. Overall health of the entire body will contribute greatly towards keeping the vagina in good shape. Bathing is important to tackle build up of sweat and greasy skin oils round the genitals which can lead to vaginal infections and odors. Some women find this advice somewhat misleading as to what is the best solution because, too much bathing is not good, and to less is not good either. Only you know when water and soap is needed. No need for harsh elbow grease because the vagina is a self cleaning organ and is also odorless. If your vagina smells then it is caused by something other than the vagina itself. More women think they are doing themselves a favor by douching, well you`re not. While a douche removes "little" bad bacteria, it at the same time takes more good bacteria away. Douching can cause inflammation (vaginitis).

If you are sexually active then use condoms because these too help keep the vagina clean. Condom use is needed for preventing an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease. If you have genital discomfort go commando if possible (knicker-less) if this suggestion unnerves you then avoid nylon material, no matter how sexy the thong or other, opt for cotton briefs. The vagina/anus needs room to breathe, so let it. Women experience vaginal odor at the time of menstruation, the solution is to remove sanitary protection regular (tampons and pads.)

There is much debate over what is the "perfect vagina?" and the argument is normally fought among women themselves. In my opinion a perfect vagina is a healthy one. Every woman differentiates greatly i.e. shape and size and because of this the vagina is affected, meaning, if you `re fat then the vagina looks spaced out and wide too but this does not insinuate the vaginal entrance is big. In fact the big woman`s vagina may be tighter that the skinny woman`s.

A healthy vagina is as clean and pure as a carton of yoghurt says Dr Hillier from the Magee-Woman`s hospital in Pittsburgh. The vagina is by no means dirty as some would have it. A healthy vagina is a self regulating system and would you believe is cleaner than the mouth and bum. The vaginal ecosystem is a jointly beneficial partnership between the vagina itself and the micro-organisms that exist here. The vagina is filled with bacteria, however all good and destroys the bad bacteria out of the reproductive system. The good bacteria known as lactobacilli are the same organisms contained in yoghurt. In a healthy vagina these lactobacilli maintain an acidic environment - around 3.8 - 4.5 pH.

Vaginal mucus is not a very nice word but one used and appropriate to help with vaginal explanations. Vaginal mucus is "made up and akin to the things found in blood serum, the lucid, thin, sticky fluid that stays behind when the solid components of blood, like clot issues, are separated away. Vaginal discharge consists of water, albumin - the most copious protein in the human body - a few lost white blood cells, and mucin, the oily matter that gives the vagina and cervix their greasy sheen. Discharge is not a toxic waste product of the body in the sense of urine and faeces.

Is the vagina abnormal because it smells, certainly not? A healthy vagina will however have a "slight" odor but nevertheless if "slight" turns strong (fishy odour) then this is usually a sign that the delicate balance has been upset and the Lactobacilli is not doing the job it should..If the balance in the vagina is upset it can cause the vaginal infection "bacterial vaginosis."

Sufficient bathing for the vagina`s outer part "labia," should be done twice a day with cold water. Cold is best because the genitals is already moist and warm which is a problem for allowing bacteria to grow. Scented products can cause vaginal thrush.

Pelvic Infections can lead to vaginosis. Candida is a condition where the vagina becomes too alkaline, primarily brought about by diet, oral contraceptives even stress. Pregnancy and the resultant change in your hormone levels can cause thrush.

Antibiotics although given for curing and healing along with oral contraceptives and can lead to vaginosis.

Low levels of lactobacilli leave particular women more susceptible to infections because they may have fewer robust lactobacilli.

How to maintain a healthy Vagina

Forget cleaning the inside of the vagina, it is not necessary. Your vagina will be no less healthy from not doing this. The vagina regularly flushes itself out. Avoid particular soaps because they can upset the natural balance of substances. You are at risk of developing a vaginal infection through specific product misuse. Do not douche. The only exception to this rule which may be acceptable for douching is if you`re trying to conceive or trying to alter your vaginas pH for a greater good. Do it as little as possible and increase the number of lactobacilli in your diet. Add yoghurt to your daily diet or take acidophilus tablets. Consult with your doctor over issues about pregnancy and suggested medicines.

Use condoms to keep the vagina clean and healthy and for protecting against unwanted pregnancies or STDs. Wear cotton underwear to allow good air flow. Avoid using perfumes/sprays round the genitals.

The way to avoid excess bacteria developing round the vagina/urethra is change motion when cleaning after bowel movement Clean from the front towards the back. Clean the anus last as contamination can spread doing otherwise. Vaginal discharge is a necessary part of the body's regular function, however if it shows different have yourself checked over. Should the change in discharge be caused by infection then soap and water will not cure it, it will need antibiotics. Vaginal discharge is normally clear to white; changes in consistency and color are signs to say to call on your GP. Swap tissue to clean the vagina after urinating with a damp cloth. Using tissue has one tend to give a quick wipe, whereas with a cloth it urges the person to wash.

Good cleansing will see less chance of urinary tract infections (UTI's) happening.

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