How to Make Your Body Generate a Natural Vagina Lubricant

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For many women experiencing vaginal dryness, especially ones who are aged 40 to 59, there is natural vagina lubricant that will help them get over this problem.  Usually, this is caused by menopause in older women and this is one of the most common problems that are plaguing women in this age range.  Stress also attributes to the cause of vaginal dryness and is also experienced by postpartum women.

This is also a sexual dysfunction among women as without enough lubrication, sexual intercourse can become painful and unpleasant.  This makes women dread having intercourse with their partners because it hurts them.  Usually, there is also a drop in libido because they do not want to have sex with their partner.

Vaginal dryness might be common to women who are in the menopausal stages, but it is not without any cure or remedy.  If the cause of the dryness is due to hormonal imbalance, there are many different things that you can try out that will serve as a natural vagina lubricant.

These remedies will take a few days to weeks to work, so you should be patient when following these steps.  First and foremost, you must hydrate yourself.  You should drink at least ten eight-ounce glasses of water daily.  This will really help you in hydrating your body and produce natural vagina lubricant.  You should also check the toiletries that you use daily for certain chemicals that might cause dryness.  Many laundry products and perfumes have harmful chemicals that irritate the mucosal tissues of the vagina.  Also, you need to follow a diet that will help balance your hormonal levels.  Eating low-fat and high-carb food starves ones body of essential nutrients that are needed to produce hormones.  Estrogen is made from cholesterol, so low-fat diets will lack this.  Add soy to your diet as this is a good source of phytoestrogens.

You need to take multivitamins daily as this will supplement the lack of nutrients from your body and will help you produce natural lubricants in your body.  You can also try vaginal lubricants while waiting for your body to establish and create a natural lubricant.  A vitamin E vaginal suppository is highly recommended for use.  Phytotherapy is also one of the most recommended treatments for vaginal dryness and it addresses the most common symptoms that result to this problem.  Taking supplements will help one to produce a natural vagina lubricant through an isoflavone complex.

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