How To Get Rid Of A Fishy Vaginal Odor

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One of the best ways that I have found in order to get rid of a fishy vaginal odor is by using plain yogurt with a little bit of lavender oil applied to a tampon.

You are going to have to use one to two drops of oil for each one of the applications. The exact amount of yogurt that is used is not as important, but at least a teaspoonful will dilute the oil enough so you do not run a risk of being irritated by it.

Your going to want to remove and replace the tampon about three to four times a day for two days.

The type of yogurt you are going to use is going to be plain fresh live yogurt. Because the active ingredient acidophilus etc. that are in the live yogurt die over time you must use by the date that is on the manufactures recommendations. It is imperative that you do not use a fruity or sugared yogurt. It is going to must be plain and it absolutely must be the live kind. Live yogurt has things like acidophilus in the ingredient list, and always says "live yogurt" on it.

If you do not like using a tampon in there, you can push some of this yogurt mixture in a small way with your fingers - a bit messy but wholesome & effective.
Another thing that is important is that you do not eat sugary food for a few days- & leave the soap alone till you are better.

For the future, recall that the inside of your lady garden cleans itself, and it is actually more harmful to wash it out with soap over more than one times a day. Never use soap with perfume, natural scents like lavender is fine as long as it is not fake lavender. If you do use soap, layer the outer side of the 2 grooves with a mild soap, and then rinse it off well. Be careful not to let any soap get inside you. I have a half flannel for this purpose & wash it well in boiling water so that its sterile for the next time.

I learned this simple, natural tip and a whole bunch more by studying up on bacterial vaginosis and STD's. If you visit the links that I have at the finish of this article you can find a lot of information and articles that have helped me out tremendously.

Above all else make sure you visit you gynecologist regularly. This is the most important thing you can ever do to keep a healthy body inside and out.

There are a whole lot of natural bacterial vaginosis home remedies that are available to you that you can even find in your kitchen cupboard. The natural yogurt is one example of a natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis. It may appear to be messy while being applied on the vaginal wall but its effectiveness in adding up the really beneficial live bacteria present in this preparation cannot be minimized.

There is a good website that has helped me tremendously to cure my bacterial vaginosis "The Best Cures For Bacterial Vaginosis" has lots of articles, reviews, and advice on safe, natural cures for bacterial vaginosis to help you permanently cure your BV once and for all.

My wishes are with you


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    If you are in search of some BV remedies that you can use in the comforts of your own home, then you have come to the right place. So whether you are experiencing BV for the first time or are experiencing a reoccurring bout, get ready to learn about a quantity of the proven methods that work. Bacterial Vaginosis is a vaginal infection that indeed affects millions of women all around the world. The most uncomfortable symptom of BV is the disagreeable fishy vaginal odor.

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    It is in my experience that most occurrences of a "vagina smell" or more specifically a fishy vaginal odor comes from either bacterial vaginosis or an STD (Read up on it if I am not believed). If you have never had sex, its sound like a bacteria infection like bacterial vaginosis. But I am no must see what color your discharge is. Bacteria infections normally cause narrow, milky discharge. But no other method beats going to your doctor & seeing what it is for sure.

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