How To Cure Vaginal Itching Fast? Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedy Ideas For Relief From Itching

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In case you notice symptoms like fishy smelling vaginal odor and a discharge which is gray or white in color accompanied by severe vaginal itching and burning sensation, it is likely that you have bacterial vaginosis. You can easily get rid of these symptoms by resorting to bacterial vaginosis home remedy ideas.

BV is a common infection which affects around 70% of women during their fertile years. For many women the infection does not require any formal bv cure since it clears up by itself. However if these symptoms continue for more than 2 days it can become unbearable. Understandably you will want to know methods to get rid of itching and vaginal odor.

In this article I am going to share bacterial vaginosis home remedy which will help you get rid of these symptoms swiftly and permanently. To stop vaginal itching, you must ensure that the vaginal area is kept cool. Hence it is advisable to wear only cotton underwear which will ensure proper absorption and air circulation.

You can also place a damp flannel in the freezer for a few minutes and then carefully place it on the vaginal area. Alternatively, wrap a damp flannel in an ice pack and place it between the legs. The idea here is to introduce something cold to relieve the irritation.

Another popular bacterial vaginosis home remedy is to add a couple of cups of cider vinegar to a cool bath and sit in it or a few minutes. Vinegar is acidic in nature and will help neutralize the alkaline conditions responsible for vaginal itching.

Another effective bacterial vaginosis home remedy is to make use of tea tree oil which has potent antibacterial properties. You can either add 10-12 drops of the oil to a warm bath or alternatively, you can buy tea tree oil pessaries to be inserted directly into the vagina. Try using these remedies which are bound to help you get rid of vaginal odor and other associated symptoms of BV within 4-5 days.

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    Bacterial vaginosis home remedy methods are one of the best ways to get rid of the infection fast. Often antibiotics and other conventional medicines used to treat this problem tend to be counter productive. In fact in almost 70% of women who resort to conventional treatment the infection recurs in weeks if not days time.

    By: Melaniel Sexualityl 14/05/2010 lViews: 102

    There are various natural cures for bacterial vaginosis which you can try without delay which will help you eliminate fishy vaginal odor. If you have suffered from this unpleasant condition for some time, you may have already exhausted the options available to you from your doctor. For many women, expensive antibiotic treatments can lose their effectiveness over time and their cost cannot be justified.

    By: Mary Hopkinsonl Sexualityl 04/05/2009 lViews: 152

    There are various home remedies for bacterial vaginosis which you can try which, providing you only have a mild outbreak, might be sufficient to get rid of your vaginal fish odor altogether. A few years ago, I had numerous episodes of bacterial vaginosis. In fact at first I didn't even know what was causing the dreadful odor and the itching and burning. At first I thought I was simply not washing enough and couldn't understand why I had the problem. Eventually I found out I had b.v.

    By: Mary Hopkinsonl Sexualityl 09/03/2009 lViews: 796 lComments: 1

    Having vaginal odor can be embarrassing. It can also be frustrating. Especially when you're not sure how to get rid of it. So, what I'm going to do is share with you some home remedies for vaginal odor. That way, you will be able to get rid of the fishy smell.

    By: Karyn M. Smithl Sexualityl 16/07/2009 lViews: 3,633

    Bacterial vaginosis treatments come in various options. When battling the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis and the vaginal odor especially, increasing numbers of women are turning to natural cures which not only offer relief from the symptoms, but they also help to cure this infection for good. In addition to the various conventional treatment options, this article also discusses finding natural cures for bacterial vaginosis.

    By: Terry Robbinsl Sexualityl 11/03/2011 lViews: 32

    Many women find that from time to time, they suffer from an unpleasant smell from their vaginal area. This is an extremely common problem and you need not be alarmed as it can be easily resolved, no matter what the extent. There are several simple home remedies for vaginal odor which you can try right away. These could be enough to resolve the problem.

    By: Marie Hopkinsl Sexualityl 30/09/2009 lViews: 1,576

    Home Remedies For Vaginal Odors - Some of the natural bacterial vaginosis treatment techniques can run the range all the way from utilizing an apple cider vinegar bath, garlic suppositories or possibly even a yogurt covered tampon. Bacterial vaginosis treatment with antibiotics will most likely consist of metronidazole or even clindamycin. Some women have attempted every bacterial vaginosis treatment available, and either nothing has worked or they find they have recurrent bacterial...

    By: Kim Matthewsl Sexualityl 12/04/2010 lViews: 29

    If you are suffering from this very unpleasant condition, you will not need me to tell you that not only is it uncomfortable and irritating, but it can be downright embarrassing, with one of the most common symptoms is a foul vaginal fish odor. Fortunately there are a number of bacterial vaginosis natural cures which can work very effectively-indeed much more effectively than antibiotics and over the counter meds, neither of which are not permanent solutions.

    By: Mary Hopkinsonl Sexualityl 18/06/2009 lViews: 104

    If you are unfortunate enough to be suffering from a fishy vaginal smell, it is very likely that this is the result of a very common condition called bacterial vaginosis, particularly if the odor is accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms such as burning and itching around the vagina and a discharge which is watery in texture and gray or white in color. You will be no doubt glad to hear that it is a relatively simple condition to treat.

    By: Mary Hopkinsonl Sexualityl 10/06/2009 lViews: 536

    There's nothing worse than being in one of those situations where you cannot scratch an itch. If you regularly suffer from irritation in that most intimate of areas, you may find that this happens quite a lot! If you would like to know how to stop vaginal itching, there are a number of simple tips you can use which may alleviate the problem.

    By: Mary Hopkinsonl Sexualityl 11/07/2009 lViews: 1,032
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    One of the simplest ways to reduce the risk of suffering from bacterial vaginosis or to prevent bacterial vaginosis is to adopt safe sexual health habits. Limiting the number of sexual partners is recommended to reduce the risk of suffering from bacterial vaginosis. This is because incidence of vaginosis is greater in women who are sexually active and have multiple partners.

    By: Melaniel Sexualityl 01/06/2011 lViews: 130

    Vaginal itching, irritation and a burning sensation in and around the vaginal area are normally symptoms of Vaginitis. Women suffering from yeast infection too are bound to experience these symptoms. However these are characteristic symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.

    By: Melaniel Sexualityl 09/05/2011 lViews: 99

    There is no one single cure for vaginal odor which is caused due to bacterial vaginosis. A combination of simple home remedies and preventive measures are both required to eliminate the vagina smell. Vaginosis is a common bacterial infection women suffer from.

    By: Melaniel Sexualityl 08/05/2011 lViews: 73

    How to get rid of vaginal odor fast once and for all? This is an embarrassing condition which is very awkward to discuss with others.

    By: Melaniel Sexualityl 06/04/2011 lViews: 55

    I used to suffer from fishy vaginal smell almost all the time. I used to make me feel unclean. Despite having bath twice a day and washing my vaginal area thoroughly the smell persisted.

    By: Melaniel Sexualityl 14/03/2011 lViews: 114

    Are you trying to figure out how to get rid of a smelly vagina? Fishy vaginal smell is something which is not easy to put up with. The odor stays with you wherever you go and whatever you do. It makes you self conscious and embarrassed to discuss the issue even with your own partner.

    By: Melaniel Sexualityl 11/03/2011 lViews: 78

    I had a recurring problem which had bothered me for almost a year-bad vaginal odor. No matter how much I cleaned, bathed and washed, my vaginal smell was just there all the time. To add to my frustration, my doctors found nothing wrong with me as such to cause the odor. My doctors prescribed pills under the impression that it was vaginal infection which would go away.

    By: Melaniel Sexualityl 12/12/2010 lViews: 150

    Bad vaginal odor is embarrassing to say the least. All of us have a natural vaginal scent which we get used to over a period of time. However when this scent turns unpleasant it is a clear indication of a vaginal infection. What can you do on your own to eliminate this smell once and for all?

    By: Melaniel Sexualityl 09/12/2010 lViews: 207
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