Home Remedies For Vaginal Odor – 3 Proven Tips To Stop The Below The Belt Crisis

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Foul vaginal odor is something that women of often have to deal with. The foul smell is a result of an infection called bacterial vaginosis. While there are several antibiotics available to treat the condition, not all of them offer permanent relief. Infection in the vaginal area occurs when there is a disturbance in the pH balance in the area. What many antibiotics do is to disturb this balance by eliminating both the ‘good’ bacteria, as well as the bad bacteria. This only leads to the worsening of the condition or the condition recurring, at a later point in time. This is where home remedies for vaginal odor have their own advantage. Not only do they offer quick relief, they also offer a more permanent solution. Here is a list of some simple, yet extremely effective home remedies for vaginal odor that can help you get rid of the foul smell in double quick time.

Get Rid of Vaginal Odor in Just 3 Days

1.    One of the simplest home remedies for vaginal odor lies in maintaining good personal hygiene. You should wash the infected area, twice a day. There are many who do the mistake of over washing, which would only lead to worsening of the condition. This is because over washing will disturb the delicate chemical balance of the vaginal area.

2.    Many of the home remedies for vaginal odor can be incorporated into your diet. Take for example, leafy green vegetables and fruits. Make sure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day. While what you eat is important, what you don’t eat too is equally important. You need to avoid, alcohol and spicy foods.

3.    Wearing cotton panties is among the simplest of all home remedies for vaginal odor. Cotton panties allow the vaginal area to ‘breathe’, something that synthetic fabrics don’t allow. You should also avoid wearing figure hugging tight dresses till such time you get cured.

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    Have you ever thought of the situation our ancestors might have been in the absence of modern medicines? Even in those days common womans problem like vaginosis existed. How did the women cope with the infection without antibiotics and over the counter drugs? To add to their woes there was not internet those days and infections like vaginosis was addressed with the help of bacterial vaginosis home remedy methods.

    By: Melaniel Sexualityl 18/04/2010 lViews: 280

    Don’t feel embarrassed if you are suffering from bacterial vaginal infection or bacterial vaginosis (BV). This is a very common problem with women of childbearing age. Also don’t feel shy of discussing this matter with the doctor. Before you get started with a BV cure it is important that your doctor confirms that it is

    By: Lynda Johnl Sexualityl 07/11/2009 lViews: 458

    If you have disgusting vaginal discharges, and do not smell good down there, then you may have BV. Vaginal Odor Cure and Treatment for Vaginal Discharge could be a tricky thing to do, especially if you do not follow the correct methods, recommendations and principles to completely get rid of this infection. But why would the vaginal smell in the first place? Why would you have virginal discharge which can really reduce self-confidence and make you to be so uncomfortable? What is this infection

    By: Sarin Svensson Fl Sexualityl 30/04/2010 lViews: 945

    There are basically two types of BV cure that you can try. Find out what works best for you and your lifestyle.

    By: Victorial Sexualityl 16/02/2010 lViews: 152

    Bacterial vaginosis is the most common type of vaginal bacteria infections. Some of the typical symptoms of this problem are - vaginal discharge, vaginal odor and itching. To correct this problem you will have to go for a proper holistic cure. You should not rush for instant relief creams and gels because you may only get temporary relief.

    By: Lynda Johnl Sexualityl 06/11/2009 lViews: 130

    Are you on the lookout for a discreet and permanent solution to get rid of vaginosis? Are you feeling embarrassed to discuss your condition even with your doctor wondering what she might think of your sexuality or hygiene? Stay assured you do not really need to visit your doctor if you resort to bacterial vaginosis home remedy.

    By: Melaniel Sexualityl 07/03/2010 lViews: 16

    Do you have bacterial vaginosis that is recurrent? Well you are not alone with this. There are millions of women in the world today who have this condition. It is even said that one out of every 3 women will develop this infection at some point in their lives. I had a similar problem and found a product called RepHresh. It's a gel that helps set the optimal vaginal pH.

    By: Sarin Carlson Fl Sexualityl 19/10/2010 lViews: 454

    Unlike other unpleasant conditions which you can keep to yourself, it's hard to shield the ones around you from fishy vaginal smells. You may have already discovered that conventional meds may give a little temporary relief, but will not cure the condition. If you are wondering how to treat bad vaginal odor naturally, you may be pleased to learn that there are some simple strategies you can use which will get rid of this condition once and for all.

    By: Mary Hopkinsonl Sexualityl 11/07/2009 lViews: 363

    Do you get bacterial vaginosis from having sex every day (once a day or more)? Because some people and even some doctors say that bacterial vaginosis happens from having a lot of sex and having multiple sexual partners. Now the funny thing is that there are so many virgins who do have bacterial vaginosis. According to doctors BV happening in a virgin is very rare but there are lot's of young girls out there who are virgins and have BV. What's the theory of being a virgin and having bacterial va

    By: Sarin Svensson Fl Sexualityl 01/04/2010 lViews: 798

    Getting a good and effective bacterial vaginosis remedy is not as difficult as many women think. However, if you started out treating this condition the wrong way, it may have lead to recurrent BV, and recurrent BV is what is difficult to treat. There are so many different types of treatments for bacterial vaginosis. They range from homeopathic, natural and over the counter treatments which you can use in tying to get rid of this very disturbing and stressing infection. If you want to get a gre

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    Have you tried all remedies to get rid of vaginal odor and yet continue to face the problem? The article below will help you get rid of the problem permanently.

    By: Victorial Sexualityl 16/02/2010 lViews: 154

    What people do not know is that the vagina is home to many bacteria that are beneficial to the health. However, there are instances where these bacteria grow over the limit that the vagina can tolerate.

    By: Victorial Sexualityl 16/02/2010 lViews: 334

    If you are not comfortable enough using the above steps, it is most likely that you will find methods and powerful remedies for vaginal odor in step-by-step guides being sold all over the internet that will fit your lifestyle and needs.

    By: Victorial Sexualityl 16/02/2010 lViews: 55

    Overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina causes an infection and is often the reason for Bacterial Vaginosis. This infection causes the production of a grayish discharge with a very bad smell.

    By: Victorial Sexualityl 16/02/2010 lViews: 33

    A lot of women are suffering or have suffered from an intense vaginal odor at some point in their lives and cures for vaginal odor and irritation are often sought after.

    By: Victorial Sexualityl 16/02/2010 lViews: 13

    There are basically two types of BV cure that you can try. Find out what works best for you and your lifestyle.

    By: Victorial Sexualityl 16/02/2010 lViews: 152

    How to get rid of vaginal odor has been the commonest topic of discussion among the ladies since many years. It is difficult to find a woman who has not suffered from this illness at least once in their life.

    By: Victorial Sexualityl 16/02/2010 lViews: 14

    Vaginal odor is an embarrassing condition and often takes away the confidence in a woman. Even though there are many modes of treatment present nowadays, people are still confused about the remedies for vaginal odor.

    By: Victorial Sexualityl 16/02/2010 lViews: 28
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