Home remedies for vaginal discharge- Get rid of unpleasant feminine smell now!

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Are you among the women who suffer from  fishy vaginal discharge and you don't know anymore how to cure it? Did you spend a fortune on feminine soaps and antibiotics to mask the odor? Actually, there many home remedies for vaginal odor that work very well in treating the cause of your discharge.

For women it is very embarrassing even mentioning that they suffer from vaginal discharge thinking that other people will judge them as been unclean. The unpleasant feminine odor has lots of causes, poor hygiene been just one of them. You are rather suffering from vaginal yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. However, there are certain things that you could do about it yourself.

Women like to wear sexy underwear, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, it is not such a good idea to wear them all the time as the fabrics don't permit the air circulation resulting in you having infections. The best panties for women, especially those with vaginal discharge, are cotton ones. Also, they are easy to wash on high degrees water as well as iron which kills all the bacteria.

Another good home remedy for vaginal discharge is the use of plain water at least twice daily. Avoid as much as possible the using of scenting soaps or other feminine perfumes which will actually make the odor stronger.

One of the most efficient home remedies for vaginal odor is the hydroxide peroxide. You use it as a douche. As a supplement to this you could use acidophilus capsules that you should out inside your vagina.

These are just few homemade treatments to cure fishy vaginal discharge. However, a possible cause of your discharge could be chronic yeast infection. It is essential that you treat the root cause of it, not only the yeast symptoms, otherwise you will still keep getting vaginal discharge.

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    Having an unpleasant smelling vagina can be very embarrassing indeed. For some women, the problem is so severe that the condition makes them reluctant to socialize, in the knowledge that others may become aware of the smell. Although in some cases, the problem disappears as quickly as it came, for many the issue is very different, with some suffering on and off for years.

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    Having an unpleasant smelling vagina can be very embarrassing indeed. For some women, the problem is so severe that the condition makes them reluctant to socialize, in the knowledge that others may become aware of the smell. Although in some cases, the problem disappears as quickly as it came, for many the issue is very different, with some suffering on and off for years.

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    am suffering from vaginal discharge and itches and its disturbing me,at times i kind of discharge as if am menstruating and it keeps me in doubt so i need an effective home and less expensive treatment for this problem,waiting to here from you THANKS
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