Get Pregnant Fast - The Best Sexual Positions to Get Pregnant

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Getting pregnant fast is every woman’s dream. But, for some women it is not as easy to conceive. There are many factors that can help a woman get pregnant. For example, a woman can get pregnant in any position but, certain ones bring the penis closer to the cervix which I will explain after I have given you the facts. Also, having an orgasm during sex can force sperm into the uterus giving you a better chance of becoming pregnant.

Usually once a month the ovaries release an egg, this travels down the fallopian tube into the uterus. This process is called ovulation. During ovulation if the egg becomes fertilized by sperm it will attach to the uterine wall and you will be pregnant. Some women do not ovulate on a schedule which can also make it harder to conceive. Tests are available today online or in a drug store that you can purchase so you can be sure to attempt to get pregnant when you are ovulating.

Not many people believe that a position during sex can get you pregnant fast. This may be true but, there are positions such as standing or, having the woman on top can cause the sperm to flow back out of the vagina. Taking this into mind I will give you a few examples of some position that may work

  1. “Missionary style” as it is sometimes referred to, is when the man is on top. Also adding a pillow under the woman behind to tilt the hips can be beneficial in allowing the sperm the travel to the cervix faster than in a flat or upright position.
  2. When a man enters from behind also called “Doggy Style” the penis will be farther in allowing the deposit of sperm to be closer to the cervix.
  3. Also, Laying side by side or in a T-position can also get the area of the cervix closer to the penis.

Regardless of the position you decide to use remember, if you allow gravity to do its work by propping your hips or lying on your back it will make the journey of the sperm that much easier. The less you leave to chance the better off you will be.

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