Alternative Methods to Fix Vaginal Odor - Smell Pleasant Always Tips

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Are there any home remedies to fight vaginal odor and ensure that you always smell pleasant "down there"? Do conventional medicines provide permanent vaginal odor relief? Are you the only woman battling with this odor issue pertaining to your vagina?

In this article I am going to share information which I hope will answer all the above questions. These are the common issues which women suffering from smelly vagina are concerned about.

Are you the only one battling with a smelly vagina?

Please stay assured that this is a common problem which affects almost 70% of women during their fertile years. It is more common in sexually active women but can affect virgins also.

Can conventional medicines be relied upon for vaginal odor cure?

There are a number of over the counter medicines and creams available for treating this problem. However conventional treatment for vaginal odor provides only symptomatic relief and does not eliminate the root cause of the problem which normally is a bacterial vaginal infection. Home cures are a better option since home remedies eliminate the actual cause of the infection once and for all.

How to smell good all the time?

a) Avoid douching since it upsets the natural bacterial balance in the vagina and causes infection which in most cases is the prime reason for bad odor and discomfort.

b) Bathe daily and wash and rinse your groin and vaginal area thoroughly. Ensure that you remain clean and dry "down there"

c) Change your panties everyday and wear clean washed ones which are completely dry.

d) Drink lots of water to flush out toxins that can cause vaginal smell and infection.

f) Follow a healthy diet and do not eat strong smelling food at least 24 hours before having intercourse.

f) Drink plenty of fresh cranberry juice. It will help in restoring the bacterial balance in your vagina and eliminate unpleasant vaginal odor.

I sincerely hope that the above natural cures work for you too. In case you are a chronic sufferer you may be frustrated and looking out for bacterial vaginosis bv a permanent cure. You can consider trying the exact remedy that I used to get rid of my infection for good. To know more about the treatment that worked like a miracle to eliminate my infection click bacterial vaginosis bv

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    If you are someone suffering from unpleasant odor and are searching for home remedies for vaginal odor then this article might help you out of this problem. Medically termed as Bacterial Vaginosis, is a very uncomfortable disease. Many medicines are available over the counter that says to cure it but some can even aggravate your problem.

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    Simply staying in the corner of a room hoping and praying that no one will notice the bad odor cause by your smelly discharge is not going to solve a thing.

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    Most of us on identifying the vaginal smell despair and look for quick fix remedies to treat the vaginal odor. However, the cause of vaginal odor differs from person to person and can happen due to a number of factors. Whenever the natural vaginal flora is disturbed due to overuse of antibiotics, poor diet, birth control pills, etc you start smelling. The odor becomes more pronounced especially after intercourse or periods.

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    You want to learn how to get rid of bad feminine smell fast and naturally. The good news is that you can make that a reality for you today. You don't have to spend a lot of money on treatments and you can get some great results fast. You can also treat your vaginal odor right from the comfort of your home. Now is the time that you made this a reality.

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    Embarrassed of your fishy vaginal odor? Are you reluctant and shy to discuss this issue with others? Is the odor causing strain in your personal life and relationship with your partner? Want to get rid of your foul fishy vaginal desperately? Then this article is just what you might be looking for.

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    If you are dealing with vaginal odor at the moment, then you know that all you want is a solution out of this problem. You are sick and tired of feeling ashamed or embarrassed by your body. You want to have a positive outlook on life and you want to feel confident in who you are. You want to get rid of the odor and make things better.

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    One of the simplest ways to reduce the risk of suffering from bacterial vaginosis or to prevent bacterial vaginosis is to adopt safe sexual health habits. Limiting the number of sexual partners is recommended to reduce the risk of suffering from bacterial vaginosis. This is because incidence of vaginosis is greater in women who are sexually active and have multiple partners.

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    Vaginal itching, irritation and a burning sensation in and around the vaginal area are normally symptoms of Vaginitis. Women suffering from yeast infection too are bound to experience these symptoms. However these are characteristic symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.

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    There is no one single cure for vaginal odor which is caused due to bacterial vaginosis. A combination of simple home remedies and preventive measures are both required to eliminate the vagina smell. Vaginosis is a common bacterial infection women suffer from.

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    How to get rid of vaginal odor fast once and for all? This is an embarrassing condition which is very awkward to discuss with others.

    By: Melaniel Sexualityl 06/04/2011 lViews: 57

    I used to suffer from fishy vaginal smell almost all the time. I used to make me feel unclean. Despite having bath twice a day and washing my vaginal area thoroughly the smell persisted.

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    Are you trying to figure out how to get rid of a smelly vagina? Fishy vaginal smell is something which is not easy to put up with. The odor stays with you wherever you go and whatever you do. It makes you self conscious and embarrassed to discuss the issue even with your own partner.

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    I had a recurring problem which had bothered me for almost a year-bad vaginal odor. No matter how much I cleaned, bathed and washed, my vaginal smell was just there all the time. To add to my frustration, my doctors found nothing wrong with me as such to cause the odor. My doctors prescribed pills under the impression that it was vaginal infection which would go away.

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    Bad vaginal odor is embarrassing to say the least. All of us have a natural vaginal scent which we get used to over a period of time. However when this scent turns unpleasant it is a clear indication of a vaginal infection. What can you do on your own to eliminate this smell once and for all?

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