Why Vibrators are Better Than Men

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Vibrators are better than men – it's a well known fact! Whether you are single, married, or living with a partner, you can always get an orgasm with a vibrator. Here are six of the best reasons whyvibrators are better than men.

Reason 1 – Vibrators Don't Go Limp

Don't you hate it when you have sex with a man who immediately goes limp after he orgasms, even if you haven't climaxed yet? Vibrators are better than men are because they will not go limp after a short time. In fact, women are more likely to achieve multiple orgasms when using a vibrator than when having sex with a man, because the vibrators can keep stiff for however long the woman needs.

Reason 2 – Vibrators Don't Go to Sleep at the Worst Possible Moment

You've had a nice relaxing bath, put on your favourite sexy perfume, and your sexiest black lace nightie to entice your man to great heights. You walk into the bedroom only to be greeted by snores as your partner sleeps off his day. Frustrated, you feel the tension rising again. Relax – a vibrator will never let you down. Vibrators are ready for sex whenever you are, whether it's three o'clock in the afternoon or three o'clock in the morning.

Reason 3 – Vibrators Are Always There When You Need Them

If your man goes away on business trips (or you do), you'll know the loneliness of having an empty side of the bed next to you. Don't worry though, your vibrator will always be there for you when you need the enjoyment of multiple orgasms, even if your man is not!

Reason 4 – Vibrators Do Not Judge You

Unlike some men, vibrators focus solely on giving you pleasure. They do not judge you, compare you to other women or tell you what to do. Vibrators do not need you to pleasure them, they exist solely to give you pleasure. A vibrator will never tell you that you look fat in that dress either. If you want to feel good without having to give anything back, you'll love the pleasure of having a vibrator.

Reason 5 – Vibrators Can Go All Night and Still Get You Going in the Morning

After the honeymoon days, few couples experience the joy of having sex all night. Vibrators can go all night and still get you going in the morning with a final orgasm before you head off to work. You can use a vibrator whenever you want to and for however long you want to without having to worry about the vibrator getting enough sleep. If you're awake and want a bit then your vibrator will be awake too.

Reason 6 – Vibrators Do Not Make Mess, Snore All Night, or Annoy You in Any Way

Vibrators do not fart in the bed and then giggle about it like a little boy (most men never grow out of this stage!). Vibrators do not shed their clothes on the floor and expect you to pick up after them. Vibrators will not keep you awake by snoring or making inane conversation. Yes, a vibrator has no bad parts and will never annoy you.

Vibrators exist to give you pleasure, without having any negative attributes a man (no matter good he is to you) will have. You can use your vibrator whenever you want to and however you want to. Vibrators give more women the pleasure of multiple orgasms. Really, the truth is that vibrators are better than men!

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