Where Is The Female G-spot

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So where is the G-spot. Well finding this area is not an exact science. The G-spot is located about 1.5 to 3 inches inside the vagina on the upper wall. When aroused it's about the size of a walnut, usually a bit longer than it is wide. The position of it makes it impossible for most women to get a finger to it, but a partner should be able to feel it by inserting one or two fingers into the vagina after she is aroused.

The palm of the hand should be up if the woman is on her back, and down if she is on her front; initially finding the spot may be easier if the woman lies on her front. The partner should be able to feel the G-spot with their fingers as a small lump in the vaginal wall. The area will feel somewhat bumpy and not as smooth as other areas of the vaginal wall.

The G-spot is a mass of glandular tissue, known as the paraurethral glands, and nerves. The area lies between the urethra and the vagina, and is not actually a part of the vagina. Normally it's unnoticeable, but as a woman becomes aroused the area swells, making it possible to feel it through the vaginal wall.

Once the spot has been located, it can be stimulate by moving your fingers in very small circles, or by doing a "come hither" motion with your fingers. Initial stimulation of the G-spot often causes the woman to experience a sudden and strong feeling of needing to urinate; this feeling soon passes, and may be replaced by pleasant and arousing feelings.

While all women seem to be able to feel stimulation of the area, their response to it varies. Some women can orgasm from stimulation alone, others can't. Some women have strong orgasms from a combination of G-spot and clitoral stimulation, and some women have powerful orgasms when having intercourse in positions which stimulate the area. Other women don't find the stimulation particularly enjoyable.

The most popular sex positions for stimulating the area are the Women-on-top position which allows the women to align herself for maximum pressure on the G-spot. The Doggie-Style position also allows for a wide range of positions to reach the desired alignment.

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    Women can orgasm several different ways, via clitoral, vaginal, and of course the G-Spot, the latter can give her a massively satisfying orgasm if stimulated correctly. Here we will look at how to find it and give your partner immense pleasure once you do! Where is the G Spot? The G-Spot is the area to target for maximum sexual arousal. You will be able to help give added pleasure and a mind blowing climax to your partner if you can locate and stimulate it. The G-Spot is essentially a bean shaped area of nerve tissue, located about halfway between the back of the pubic bone and the top of a women’s cervix. The size and location of the G-Spot will vary between women, but it usually lies about 1.5” to 3” inside the vagina. • Standing 1 – Although rear entry is often a good method for helping your partner orgasm, not all women are comfortable being in the “doggy-style” position. A variation of that position can be done while standing, which is particularly useful for unusual locations, such as public bathrooms, or right after coming home from an evening out. You stand behind your partner while she is bent over slightly, then penetrate from the rear. The best thing about this position is that you can lovingly reach around her and stroke her clitoris while you're penetrating her from behind.

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