When does Big Manhood become Too Big Manhood?

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Still, I haven't actually met a member of this rare breed. All the men I know want to increase their manhoods, even though they are unlikely to openly admit their dream or discuss the issue. Despite recent scientific advances which have made male enlargement far easier than before, men are still reluctant to discuss male size. Unless they can back their bragging up with a truly massive member. In that case, bragging becomes habitual and very annoying.

We're living in the age of big things. Big planes, big buildings, big trucks. Big manhoods. Everybody can join the trend and pick one of the many methods to enlarge his manhood. This is a pretty normal thing to do for a man with a small manhood. What I really don't understand is when men sporting six or even seven-inch manhoods are interested in male enlargement. Nothing and no one has the right to prevent a man from enlarging his manhood, but if he's already big enough why on earth would he want to be even bigger. In theory, the only limit on manhood size is the body's capacity to keep lengthening the tissues in question. In practice, however, men should take a minute to think that many, if not most, women cannot easily accommodate a manhood longer than 8 inches.

Even 8 inches is a bit big for a lot of women, but a manhood this size can still be used with ease. Above 8 inches in length, the manhood turns into some sort of fashion or power statement. There's no practical use for anything above 8 inches, unless the owner chances himself upon a really tall lady who happens to have a longer than usual vagina. While the vagina can stretch to accommodate most manhood sizes, an 8-inch manhood can be a genuine threat to the uterus. Trust me, the repeated bashing of the cervix by the manhood head is not on any woman's "Things I'd like to experience" list. Moreover, vaginal orgasm is not achieved by deep penetration of the vagina. The most sensitive part of the vagina is a 4-inch stretch of tissue located at the vagina's entrance.

So, as you can see, it's a good idea to know when enough is enough. Trying to go the extra mile and get that 10-inch manhood is a feat of willpower, but there's no practical purpose to it. There's little pleasure in being hurt by the penetrating manhood, so many women will refuse to have sex with a man who's too well endowed, while others will insist on being very careful. Frankly, the last thing on my mind when I'm all undressed and ready to go is to be careful.

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