What Turns Women on

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What turns women on when it comes to sex? What is that pull factor that makes you irresistible to a woman sexually? A man's sexual attraction is visual, very simply put. What turns women on is full of complexities. Talking or holding a conversation leaning towards the subject of sex is a great turn on for a woman. It is verbal seduction, it turns women on. Describing to her in little snippets and bits of the art of love making. Making her mind visualize those secrets of sexual pleasures that can only be imagined. The brain is basically the largest sexual organ. If you can be able to arouse it through sweet talk, then you will be a great turn on for women.

A man who is well groomed holds an irresistible attraction to a woman. He holds one of the keys that turns women on. Have a good taste of clothes if you are a man. Be fashion conscious. How you dress speaks volumes about you. You do not have to be obscenely extravagant when you are purchasing your clothes. Buy clothes that suit and fit you well. A well dressed man will always stand out from the crowd. It will not escape her eye that you are truly exceptional. You will most definitely turn women on. They will be dying to create a rapport with you. They would be imagining how it would feel to bed such a great guy. They are not aware that you have turned them on. You are too smart to be resisted. It is the pride of every woman to walk beside a dashing guy. A guy who makes heads turn.

Hair that is well looked after earns you bonus marks. Unkempt hair is unbecoming. It makes you look drab. Visit a beauty salon and do justice to yourself. Take good care of your head, it is your crowning glory. It is what meets the eye first. It is like a reception before you are ushered into the main house. If the reception is in a sorry state do not expect the main house to be any better. Take constant care of your nails or they will be a let down. No one is pleased with long dirty talons. They are a turn off. People will keep away from you. Invest in good cologne, it turns women on. A powerful cologne leaves the desired message hence avoid cheap perfumes. Smell good all the time. Understand the essence of a good fragrance.

A good athletic figure, broad shoulders and wide chest are a sure recipe that turns women on. She will be dying to run her fingers through the tough ridges of your body. Developing a beer gut and a protruding pot belly and accumulating packs of flab are a great injustice to your body. It shows how unfit you are even in bed. Remember to be an interesting person. One that will make ladies jostle for your company. A good sense of humor turns women on. Know how to do it by making the punch line sink home. By being good natured and a person whom a woman can rely upon is a good turn on. It pays to play bad boy but don't be a rogue.

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