What turns a woman on? - Best ways to satisfy any woman

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Men are very visual when it comes to being aroused sexually while women are a little more complex and are turned on in other ways. Here are a few examples.

Womens ears are extremely sensitive and a few licks and gentle kisses can really get her worked up.

A well groomed man who obviously takes pride in the way he looks is another. All women seem to fancy a man in uniform.

Self confidence is a huge turn on to a woman, the amount of not so handsome guys who are choc full of confidence who are with a stunner is unreal.

Compliments are also a huge turn on to women, not rude ones just things like your hair looks amazing or wow you look hot in those jeans.
Those are all non sexual things that turn a woman on, so what will turn a woman on in bed and make her beg you for more?

Cunnilingus (oral sex) when given well leads to the most powerful orgasms women can possibly have. I say when given properly for a reason because there is a right and wrong way to do oral sex.

The wrong way is to dive in and go on a licking frenzy, all this will do is put her off cunnilingus for a very long time.

The right way to give a woman an oral sex orgasm is to lick her vagina gently until she gets more and more aroused. Then when she starts to get louder with her pleasure moans move on to her clitoris. You must remember that her clitoris is hyper sensitive so be careful.

Flick it with your tongue and in a minute or two your woman will orgasm.

That's what turns a woman on sexually.

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