What Is The Best Guide To Felatio-Blow By Blow The Ultimate Guide To Felatio

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What is it that ALL men crave for in bed from their lover?

A man can have the greatest ever love making session with his partner and still be slightly dissapointed afterwards, why is that?

It's because his partner either doesn't know how, or is a bit weary of felatio (sucking his penis) learn how to suck a man's penis properly and he won't even look at another woman,he will be your's for life. Here are a few tips.

BLOW BY BLOW: the complete guide to fellatio.

1. Set The Mood.
It's not just women that appreciate a bit of romance, men love it too. Just imagine how good he will feel if you go to a lot of trouble making him a candle lit meal before the best sex he ever had.
It will be something he will never forget, and he will think about it all the time.

2. Learn The Art Of Felatio.
If there is ONE thing that will make your lovemaking perfect, it is: learn the art of fellatio. It’s true, whether they admit it or not it's what they want MORE than anything else. It feels great and actually takes a lot of trust to let somebody have their mouth down there. In short, it’s an important part of lovemaking and is often the bit he most looks forward to. The problem is, women often start fellatio by sucking on the penis straightaway when, actually, they should start with some playful teasing and soft touches. This will lead to a much more powerful orgasm as it heightens his anticipation. Use different techniques and your tongue, as well.

3. Hidden Zones.
While most of these are obvious, like the mouth, groin, and inner thighs, there are also other parts that, when stroked, caressed and kissed, can drive your man wild and even intensify their orgasm. Believe it or not, the ears, neck, arms, chest and scalp are all really sensitive areas that love to be stimulated. Spend some time during foreplay caressing and touching these areas, and watch how it pleases your partner.

So there you have it. A few great ways to make your man more satisfied in the bedroom. While they’re all great, I would recommend putting most of your energy and time into learning how to give the perfect blow job, simply because men crave it so much and the loving smile and kisses you’ll probably get in return are definitely worth it.

BLOW BY BLOW: the complete guide to fellatio.

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