Understanding the Lesbian Lifestyle

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Some people have a mistaken belief that the Lesbian lifestyle is wrong and that the only type of relationship that deserves the same legal sanctions and societal acceptance is heterosexual couples. The problem with this however is that love is not so black and white and sanctioning love is absurd. From the beginning of time, there have been numerous women who loved women and women who have engage in romantic relationships with their partners. Oftentimes, they did this "in the closet" and didn't let others know out of fear of ridicule. However, as our media and society begins to accept the lesbian lifestyle as simply another way to love then such stereotypes and ridicule will change.

The point of the matter is that lesbians are just like anyone else. They tend to lead rich and varied lifestyles and just like they can't control their sex as a female, they can't choose whom they are attracted to. Thus it is essential that we all embrace the lesbian lifestyle as something that one cannot control and realize that women who love women may be of any race or ethnic origin, any age, social class or profession. They are varied just like our culture and deserve the same respect as anyone else.

As social oppression gives way to acceptance, freedom and opportunities, understanding the Lesbian lifestyle will become easier for Americans and people in other countries. As understanding blossoms into knowing and we make a conscious effort to understand lesbian neighbors, family members, and co-workers we will see that they are no different than heterosexual women. They all have individual stories, talents, problems, dreams and wishes to share with the world.

As social tolerance gives way to genuine acceptance, together with the guarantee of constitutional rights, stereotypes will be set aside and lesbians will be appreciated as they are. In essence, by understanding the Lesbian lifestyle, we as a world will grow. We will learn to recognize and value people as people and realize that women who love women deserve to be treated with respect. Lesbians won't have to remain in the closet or carry a tremendous burden of living in a world that judges.

After all, it is tremendously difficult to live with disdain, dislike, suspicion, and hatred: racism and sexism have clear targets and are insidiously evil. Add the dimension of a less visible stigma and the burdens become far harder to address, understand, share and shoulder. As social acceptability of the lesbian lifestyle grows, so will the social contributions of women who have directed much of their energy to coping with negativity. When freedom and liberty prevail, everyone (regardless of sexual preference) wins.

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