The Infamous Rabbit Vibrators

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Lets Face it if I mention Rabbit Vibrator you know what I am talking about and needs little introduction but few realise the workings behind this orgasmic sex toy.

A rabbit vibrator is essentially a standard vibrator. But don't be confused as there is one essential ingredient to this vibrator which will be explained later. A rabbit vibrator has a few extra features. The rabbit vibrator is designed especially for the needs of the woman not only for solo stimulation but to enhance lovemaking between couples. Rabbit vibrators truly shine as one of the best sex toys for women.

Over the years Rabbit Vibrators having been giving names as they have progressed. For example The Rabbit, Bunny Rabbit, Pearl Rabbit. Essentially these sex toys are all the same with the exception of variation of colour changes. Rabbit vibrators usually have a rotating or gyrating head. Most new rabbits can rotate both clock-wise and counter clockwise with a controller for the speed. The head is most often shaped like a penis to give a realistic feeling but can be found with a curved end for maximum g-spot stimulation.

Majority of them have small plastic or metal beads incased in the shaft that vibrates or rotates at varying speeds and directions which can intensify at a touch of a button. These beads serve to enhance the sensation of an orgasm much like a ribbed condom. When the muscles of the vaginal wall contract around these vibrating or rotating beads during an orgasm, the beads provide extra sensations. The beads are found only on a rabbit vibrator and are one of the features that make is so popular.

The second and if not most important feature of a rabbit sex toy is the rabbit ears hence the name rabbit vibrator. These ears are shaped much like the ears of rabbit which in turn vibrates and stimulates the clitoral stimulation as they come into direct contact with the clitoris.

When shopping for a rabbit vibrator look for variable vibrating speeds and rotations which can easily be controlled either by a fixed handle or a remote control unit. The rabbit is a tried and proven sex toy which was unanimously chosen as the "best vibrator" out of 40 different vibrators on Playboy TV's "Sexcetera" and was selected as the "best vibrator" on a radio station in New York City when pitted against the Hitachi Magic Wand.

To enhance your experience when using any vaginal or anal sex toy vibrator make sure to use water based lubricant such as Super Silk. With all this said sex toys can be a wonderful enhancement to lovemaking and a source of truly spectacular pleasure and these toys should not be used in place of your partner but with your partner.

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