The 'How To' of Orgasms - Secret Guide to Deep Spot, G-Spot, U-Spot and Clitoral Stimulation

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I am speaking from extensive experience when I say ‘The Majority of Men Don't Know How to Stimulate Their Partner'. This is True...well, to a degree. Most men routinely go through what they know, and in most cases that is enough. But if you want to literally make her explode with Orgasmic Ecstasy, you need to learn new techniques.


When sportsmen warm-up before a game, they do so because it sends blood to the right areas, which in turn increases the effectiveness of the muscle. Sex is very similar to this, you need to sexually prime your partner, warm-up her mind, imagination and sexual organs; when you do this the right way...I guarantee, her entire body will convulse in pleasure.


 One of the Secret Underground Methods is ‘Symbiotic Priming'. It is no joke when I say that these guys specialize in satisfying women, it is literally their job/pass-time. Sexual Symbiotic Priming is by its nature, a way to Sexually Escalate up to the final moments of Orgasm. Imagine this, throughout the entire sexual encounter using - Atmosphere, Scents, Music, Touch, Sucking, Licking, Biting etc, you lead her Body & Mind up to that one final is Powerful stuff. She will literally be tearing the bed apart in ecstasy.


Are you tired of just being a lover and not a GREAT lover? A lover that she is proud to talk about...a lover she can't get enough of again and again and again.

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    The G-Spot is shrouded in mystery, but in reality is easy to find and easy to stimulate. Here we will look at how. The two sexual positions enclosed, are guaranteed to stimulate the G-Spot and give a woman fantastic orgasms. Lets give you an exact roadmap on how to find it and then show you how to stimulate it.

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    Linda Scheifer

    Free tips and advice on g spot technique. Using the right techniques, you will be on your way to giving your lover awesome orgasms!

    By: Linda Scheiferl Sexualityl 11/09/2010 lViews: 618
    Knut Holt

    There is a special sensual area with a central point over the woman's vagina, the so-called G-spot. Read here about the characteristics of the G-spot, how to find and stimulate it.

    By: Knut Holtl Sexualityl 06/01/2010 lViews: 429
    Maurice Tate

    Male G spot massage orgasms are not just for gay men, thousands of straight men engage in prostate stimulation daily. This is because prostate orgasms are much more intense and last much longer than regular penile orgasms.

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    Every man dreams of giving a woman g-spot orgasm. G-spot is considered the Holy Grail in female sexuality. If it is stimulated correctly, you can give a woman an orgasm so strong that she will be screaming in delight.

    By: Crid Leel Sexualityl 27/11/2009 lViews: 93

    Rachel screams with delight and begs Johnny not to stop. “I don’t know what you are doing inside me, but you are making me crazy… don’t stop please!” Rachel begged. Do you want to be like Johnny?

    By: Crid Leel Sexualityl 02/12/2009 lViews: 613
    Sheela Montgomery

    While the establishment expert’s debate whether or not the G-spot is real and if every woman has one, you can do a little exploring for yourself. It doesn’t matter if every woman has a G-spot; the important thing is to find out if you do. Many women don’t realize they have one until go looking for it. Then once you find it and “wake it up” sex is never the same, it gets better!

    By: Sheela Montgomeryl Sexualityl 09/01/2009 lViews: 4,183

    The g-spot is a highly sensitive spot located at the front wall of a woman’s vagina. If you arouse and stimulate it properly, it can produce a very intense orgasm in woman. This is the reason why if you want your girl to be happy in bed, you definitely must master the techniques to stimulate the g-spot.

    By: Crid Leel Sexualityl 27/11/2009 lViews: 31

    G-spot lovemaking techniques are the key to giving a woman not just an orgasm but an amazing, mind-blowing one at that! This is because women can have several TYPES of orgasms but the ones gained by stimulating the elusive g-spot are considered the Holy Grail and most intense of all of them. There are however two parts to giving a women such intense pleasure, first you must find the g-spot which and be a challenge but then if you do not know how to pleasure it properly you may be squandering an

    By: James Fargol Sexualityl 05/01/2009 lViews: 953

    Although the g spot is steeped in mystery it is actually quite easy to find if you know how to look for it and this is what this article is about how to find the g spot. Find it and stimulate it and you will give your partner immense sexual pleasure, so here is your guide.

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    Erectile dysfunction can interfere with a man's quality of life. Stress may be the culprit, and finding ways to manage it is an important element of penis care.

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