The 3 Hidden G Spot Positions to Drive Her Wild

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I bet you get frustrated when you can't please your woman.

If this is the case, let me tell you a little secret...

You can drive her wild simply by knowing how to find the different sex positions to hit the G Spot. By being able to stimulate this area, you'll give her mind blowing orgasms.

So what is the G Spot and how you can find it?

Well without giving you an in-depth anatomy lesson, the G Spot is a swollen/rough area that is near the front wall of the vagina. When pressed and stimulated you'll give her a level of pleasure that cannot be done just through clitoral contact.

Now while it's fairly easy to find this area during oral sex, it gets hard to hit it while having conventional sex. But there are a couple of sex positions to hit this area during sex.

If you can hit her G Spot in the following three sex positions, you'll become the best lover she's ever had!

G Spot Positions #1- Woman's legs on your shoulder

This position involves either standing or kneeling and placing her legs on your shoulder. This sex position works because her legs are spread and you have open access to her sweet area.
What's great about this position is you can be adventurous and use different pieces of furniture. In addition, you can maintain constant eye contact which makes this position very sensual.

G Spot Positions #2- Woman on top

When the woman is on top, she's able to control the intensity, depth and pace of sex. In other words, you'll be able to hit this spot. It's a great position for touch her all over body

One great way for her to have G Spot stimulated is to have her rock back and forth. Try to experiment with different ways to access this area till you find something that she really enjoys. This means altering your depth and speed.

G Spot Positions #3- Behind a woman

Often called "doggystyle" this sex position to hit the secret area typically places the guy in control of sex. In the past, you have to do all the work while she just accepts it.

But if you're interested in hitting her G Spot, you have to let her do a lot of the work.

If she wants you to stimulate this area, she should press her legs together as much as possible and then push back against you. By doing this, she'll be the one to find the hidden area.

Another variation you can try that'll drive her wild is to again press her thighs together (and having her legs outside of hers) while pushing her down on the bed. That way, you can hit directly hit the G Spot.

Trust me when I say she'll absolutely love this position!

Knowing how to find the positions to hit the G Spot during sex is an incredible way to pleasing your woman. By trying out the three positions that I described in this article, you'll easily hit her secret spot and give her mind blowing orgasms.

Now all you have to do is find a woman to share your secret sex techniques!

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    ginnie 01/09/2007
    Well... You got it mostly right, except most women don't do enough bodily experimentation to know where their g spots are. And in the case of the doggystlye, pressing the thighs together makes it more difficult to succumb to the good feeling. I would suggest having her put her chest down, or slightly propped up on a pillow and have her ass in the air with her legs wide appart, while still supproting herself on her knees. (This is best done with the man on his knees.) And wait to use this position until she's really ready to orgasm, it can be a bit too much stimulation when just beginning sex. Thanks for the article!
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