Subtle Seduction Techniques to Use on a Woman

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When you want to seduce a woman, it's easy to make yourself question your ability and whether or not you really can seduce her. After all, the mystery of how to seduce a woman is something that every man seems to struggle with and you can believe that most men never really conquer this area of their life. The thing is, it's really only as hard as you make it out to be. I know that might sound like some self help fluff, but it's the truth.

Here are some subtle seduction techniques that you can use on a woman:

1. Look deeply into her eyes. You've probably heard the saying that the eyes are like "windows into the soul." This is true when it comes to creating sexual attraction with a woman. You may not realize just how powerful this little trick can be, but when you know how to look deep with passion into a woman's eyes, you can almost INSTANTLY turn her on to YOU.

2. Find a reason for your hand to graze her thigh. Now, you DO have to be careful with this one. We are talking about subtle seduction techniques, so you do not want to overtly go for her leg. You also don't want it to look like you are just trying to catch a feel, either. If you do this right, you can almost send a charge of sexual chemistry through HER body.

3. Discreetly run your fingers through the back of her hair. This is another little "move" that can easily make her start to shudder and shiver with passion. You will know when you see her eyes whether or not it is working the right way.

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