Step-by-Step Tantric Foreplay Exercises

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Tantric sex is all about 'being one' with your body, your partner and her body, and with the environment / universe. As such, tantric sex is against rushing things for the purpose of reaching an orgasm. For this reason, it's very important to include foreplay in each lovemaking session.

Sadly, foreplay seems to be not an important part of people's relationships in today's fast-paced world! Well, if you're interested in tantric sex, then you should know now that tantric foreplay is as important as reaching a climax itself.

Tantric Foreplay Exercises You Should Try

Following are just a few tantric foreplay tips you should try as part of your quest to achieve a passionate sex life, a healthy and happy body, and spiritual growth.

One: Take a sensual bath together. Tantric sex believes in cleanliness in mind, body and spirit. It's no wonder then that a sensual bath together is your first tantric foreplay step.

Draw a bath and fill the bathroom with lighted scented oils and candles. Be careful not to overdo the scents as you and your partner might get a headache instead. Personally, I go for one scent (e.g., vanilla or lavender) and use that alone.

While in the bathtub together, you can give your woman a sensual massage to get things going. If you intend to take a sensual bath for a long time, then preparing some food items (e.g., cheese and crackers, fruit, etc.) and some wine would be great!
Here's one important tip: ensure that your Sacred Tantric Love Space is 'ready for occupancy' when you guys are finished with the sensual bath. It would be a mood killer if you have to set up your tantric love space after being pumped up for love during the bath.

Two: Stare at each other with love and connect with each other spiritually. Rock star Sting and his wife are known to do this foreplay exercise all the time. Sit down cross-legged and face each other. If sitting down cross-legged is difficult, sit on top of a soft pillow to prop yourself up.

With lighted candles all around you and soft music in the air, stare at your partner sitting across you. Make a mental note of why you just love this woman! Make a list in your head of all the qualities that endear this woman to you. You will find your heart growing with love as you list each quality in your head. Ask your partner to do the same.

Now, without breaking eye contact, reach out to each other. Use your right hand, reach out to her and put your palm flat against her chest. Ask her to do the same.

Now, look into each other's eyes and let your palms feel each other's heartbeat. Pretty soon you will feel that your hands and arms are part of her every breath.

Now let's take this one step further. Again, without breaking eye contact, start breathing in and out, alternately. That is, when she exhales, you inhale and vice versa.

All of this together, looking at each other and maintaining eye contact with love, feeling each other's heartbeat under your palms, and breathing in and out the very essence of each other will make the two of you feel more connected than ever.

Carry on with this foreplay exercise for as long as you want! I know some people who can do this for hours!

Three: From head-to-toe or bottom up? Tantric sex believes in your right to simply receive pleasure but at this point, you may want to please your partner first. Ask her to lie down on the soft pillows you have prepared and start making love to her slowly.

This can simply mean massaging her feet and following this up with licking and sucking her toes. After a while, you can start move up her body inch by inch, making sure that no part of her escapes your loving touch.

Tantric foreplay is also about feedback. For instance, not all women want their toes licked and sucked so you should ensure that you are able to gauge if your woman likes what you're doing or not. You don't have to be a mind reader. Simply ask her how she feels while doing something.

'Honey, is what I'm doing working for you?'
'What do you want me to do next?'
'Tell me how you want to be loved.'

All of these are questions/comments you can say during tantric foreplay to ensure that your partner is truly enjoying your foreplay session.

Good luck!

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