Spice Up Foreplay - 7 Steamy Tips

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If you're already happy with the action you and your partner are having in the bedroom, then these lovemaking enhancement tips will be the icing on the cake.

Try out these 7 steamy tips below to add a little something special to your next night of intimacy.

1. Sexy Coupons When you pick up the 500 Lovemaking Tips Guide on this site, you also get a bonus booklet of sexy coupons. This hot little novelty adds some spontaneity into your relationship.Tear a coupon out the next time you want your lover to give you a sensual massage. Use one the next time you want to receive oral sex on top of the washing machine. What about using a coupon for sex right when you wake up?

There are tons of creative variations to these lovemaking coupons. Check them out to add a humorous spark into your lovemaking.

2. A Memorable Weekend If you've got kids or just a busy lifestyle in general, it's important that you find a weekend where you can get a babysitter or someone to cover the fort while you and your partner get away.Find a nice bed and breakfast to shack up in for the weekend. The fall is usually the best time to visit a bed and breakfast. The weather will be just cold enough to light the fireplace and just warm enough to go stargazing outside at night.

Make hot passionate love in front of the fireplace and end your night sipping champagne in a twin jacuzzi. Finding a bed and breakfast that's perfect for you couldn't be easier. There are plenty of directories on the internet that will find a great bed and breakfast only a car ride away from you.

3. Aromatherapy Light candles or incense to fill your bedroom with an arousing aroma like vanilla. Become immersed in a new scent that puts you in the mood or just makes things feel a little different.If you don't have dimmers on the lights in your bedroom, candles are an easy way to incorporate tantalizing scents while displaying you and your lover in a complementing light.

4. Full Body Massage Caress your lover's body all over. Take your time. A massage is warm way to show patience for your other half. It's all about giving. Don't worry though. After they receive this amazing gift, they'll be ripping your clothes off to return the favor.You can have relaxing music playing in the background and of course candle light all around. There's no reason you can't turn your bedroom into your own personal spa. Throw some rose pedals on the bed to top off this generous gesture.

5. Make Love Outside Go camping for a romantic weekend. Find a bed and breakfast with a private beach you can sneak out to. You can even just have sex standing up on your terrace or back deck in the wee hours of the night.Be adventurous. Your adrenaline will be pumping and you'll feel the difference in you climax. Lovemaking in strange or different places does more than connect you and your partner. It gives you new memories to brag to eachother about.

6. Spend $100 on Sexy Lingerie Dress up and make your bedroom time a little more playful. Wearing lingerie isn't something you should do only once a year. Make the effort to give your partner a seductive surprise. There's no better turn on for a man than when you initiate sex.

7. Take the time to educate yourself You've already started on this so nice job. Making the effort is what it all starts with. The most enhancing part about every sexual relationship is its ability to change and grow. By reaching to constantly improve your technique, you'll be adding so much more to your overall quality of life.Imagine everyday feeling sexually fulfilled and invigorated by your sex life. It's not some secret to achieve. You just have to take the time to educate yourself and take things to the next level.

The absolute best resource to begin with is 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets ebook. I can't say enough good things about this all inclusive resource. Anyway, check it out through this link here and start feeling gooood all over!

This is just the beginning. If you REALLY want to become an expert between the sheets, you NEEd to check out all the AMAZING tips for being a better lover, exclusively at http://www.Lovemaking-Techniques.com

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