Social Communication - Everything About Lies - Signs of Lies - Part I

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Social Communication - Everything About Lies - Signs of Lies - Part I

Once you understand the workings of a lie, you than would pose a question, how do I tell if a person is lying? There is much noise in an advanced liar. But there are many tell-tale signs that the person is in-fact, lying. There are more than 40 signs in human body language that we cannot consciously change to totally prevent it unless an accident of nature occurs.

Over the next few string of articles, I will be giving you signs of how to see if a person is lying.

1. Eye Movements, or Eye Language

A classic sign of a person lying would be the avoidance of eye contact. A person who is lying will feel naturally at unease and in order to hide the emotion of shame, the liar will avoid eye contact.

As eye contact is a global body sign language used in order to build trust, a person who is lying will be unable to make eye contact as the liar is not being truthful.

When we tell the truth and are accused of false stories, in order to build trust, we tend to look at the listener straight in the eye to build trust and openness.

2. The Lack of Body Movements

The lack of expressiveness when a person is lying is obvious when the listener observes carefully. As when a person is trying to lie, the liar will focus most of their energy towards creation and execution of the lie.

Hence, their body movements are still as to what they really feel in their brains at the current state, which is creating content and false facts.

And in order to create, energy must be used towards the brain as the content that they create in a lie is verbal.

Unlike recollection of the truth, they are unable to express body movements as lies do not have recollection of body movements in them.

3. The Covering of Body Parts

When observed carefully, the liar will unconsciously cover parts of their body in order to protect themselves from false accusation.
As what they are doing is a conscious act, they understand that lying is a negative projection and action which is coming out from them.

Therefore, in doing so, they will subconsciously cover parts of their body to prevent any possible expected feedback.

As they have provided negative emotional feelings by themselves, they will subconsciously expect negative emotions back.

A touch on the face, nose, particularly areas on the face, is a good sign that a person is lying. A cover on the ears may also indicate that they are unable to accept what they are saying is true.

More clues will be discussed in part II. Stay tuned!

Towards Your Success,

L. Aaron

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