She Likes Me - Five Signs She's Interested

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Most girls will do anything to avoid being regarded cheap; even if it means missing a guy they got to like at first sight. Some have perfected, over the years, the great skill of masking their true feelings for guys that come around them, fearing their feelings may give them away so cheaply. In fact, girls, most times, do not mean what they do or say, when they are around guys they may be interested in.

This makes it difficult for a dude to tell when there is a "green light" and that is why you can wait in vain hoping to figure out what message your next shut is trying to pass when you come around. However, there are some observations that can guide you to spot when it is more convenient and safer- if you like- to say "Hi!" or "Hello!" If you want to find these tips out and save yourself, some hassle read on. 
More often than suspected a girl is interested in or likes you if:

1. She acts as if you don't exist when you are around her

My friend, girls are more conscious of anything entitled to an opinion around them, than you can ever realize. They are seriously interested in what you are thinking of them especially when you are just Ok. So, if they pretend not to notice you, it is very likely they are trying to impress you. Unfortunately, most of the girls don't know the attitude is a scarecrow for some well-intentioned guys- don't join the bandwagon; make a move before it's late.

Tips: Some girls are just rude, blank and indifferent; watch out. You will know the real thing if you are very observant.

2. Her body language gives her up

Some girls can't help catching a glimpse of a guy that has stricken a cord in them. Most times, they do it to see if he is looking their way especially when there are other beautiful girls around. According to EzineArticles expert Author, Derek Rake, "a girl who exchanges a 2-secs gaze with you has seen you and tagged you". If you are lucky to meet another gaze, then you must act fast or risk her thinking you are a spineless coward.

Tips: Don't read it wrong; not all gazes mean "you can come for me", some could mean "I hope you don't think you can have me".

3. She tries to be unnecessarily difficult with you

Guys are use to giving up when they should be changing gears in the wooing race- most of them assume it is safer that way. But, some tough girls will try to discourage or embarrass you to test your tolerance or confidence. Nobody wants to go out with a liverless chap! Unfortunately, some guys are programmed to bail-out with their tails between their legs, with the slightest threat of embarrassment- too bad. However, you need to show such girls that you are tough and wouldn't mind risking your reputation to get her. When you do this well, she will give up trying to scare you off and then you can have her ears.

Tips: Some places are not just worth getting embarrassed in except you are sure you can remain in control.

4. She is always showing up wherever you go

If you think, it is mere coincidence that you keep meeting a particular girl in every- "un-linkable"- place you go to, especially when it has not been long since you first met, then you better have a re-think. Come on!; she was there at your nieces naming ceremony last month, last week you met her at a friend's send forth, two days before you bumped into her at the shopping mall and just yesterday her boss sent her to your firm to sign some papers in your office. Where has she been since before you met her over a month ago? Girls can set up an opportunity to meet you if they want to- you will just think it was a coincidence. I tell you, I have had a couple of related experience; I must confess: I felt foolish when I realize it had been a game all the while.

Tips: Nothing is what it seems; people can't just be out of place for nothing. This one code has kept intelligence agencies and commissions in business all these years.

5. She gets jealous and paranoid when she finds you around the female folks

Don't feel too bad when a girl gets offensive and tries to ridicule you amongst her friends, especially when she finds you around other girls. She could even go as far as making you uncomfortable and irritated but just keep your head. I have seen many relationships that started out that way. The girl in question might just be craving for your attention and she could condemn you publicly to reduce the competition for you. This is very common with college girls. Honestly, girls find it very difficult to conceal their jealousy and most time they are helpless; some become paranoid- all to get the least recognition from you.

Tips: Girls beware of a friend who condemns your boyfriend- she might be gunning for your throne!

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