Rabbit Vibrators - a Girls Best Friend

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It's true they are a girl's best friend. In fact some women will tell you that if it's a choice between their rabbit vibrator or their guy then the guys got to go. But how has this toy shot to the top of the vibrator charts. Upon investigation we can see that this can primarily be attributed to two separate factors:-

Firstly, the rabbit vibrator is effective simplistic design at its best. Whilst retaining the off-balance vibration motors found on traditional vibrators the secret to the rabbit vibrators effectiveness is in the manner in which the vibrator is used. Traditional vibrators deployed the vibrator in a location within the base of the shaft of the toy. This in tern enabled the shaft to vibrate.

There was however a simple design flaw. The user was only able to target one area of her vagina at a time. If inserted the clitoris received no stimulation whatsoever from the vibrator. The designer of the original rabbit vibrator recognized this flaw and produced a design that appealed both to the eye and to the body.
Rather than place the vibrator unit inside the shaft it was attached to the side. The real stroke of genius came in placing the vibrator unit within a rabbit shaped section that featured soft plastic ears that when used vibrated on either side of the clitoral hood. In such a fashion direct clitoral stimulation was possible with the vibrator inserted. Pure genius.

Secondly due to its effectiveness the rabbit vibrator soon started to receive media attention previously unheard of for products of an adult nature. This media attention peaked when a rabbit vibrator was featured on the hit US television show Sex and The City. In this show one of the main characters became completely addicted to her rabbit vibrator, rushing home to get her fix. This placed the rabbit vibrator in front of an audience of literally millions of viewers and soon became a star in its own right.

Nowadays rabbit vibrators are known to all as quite simply one of the best variants of sex toys available to buy and one of the best ranges of adult products ever produced. Anne Summers, the UK's leading supplier of adult products with 121 high street stores consistently reports the Rabbit vibrator variants to be their best selling product. Record breaking Christmas sales were largely attributable to the huge amount of rabbit vibrators people found under the tree on Christmas morning. In fact, such was the demand for these products Anne Summers actually trademarked one of the Rabbit varieties to prevent rival adult companies using the name.

It's clear that in the world of adult product there are a large number of products that look great, sound great and promise the world but in reality deliver very little. The rabbit range of vibrators delivers what they promise at a very affordable price. So the question is what will Santa be bringing you this year?

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