Prostate Massage: How Do I Give My Husband A Pleasurable Prostate Massage?

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If you think that your husband or lover is seeking for a new way to spice your bedroom romance, then I just have the fix for you. You may actually initiate this change and surprise him. This is an article for women or men who want to please their partners. So, let me answer the question "How do I give my husband a pleasurable prostate massage?"

Now, before I disclose the tactic that would leave your lover's head spinning, let me just give you a crash course about this prostate. Your man's prostate is part of his reproductive gland. This is located below the bladder and adjacent to his rectum. So, for you to massage this prostate, you have to access it through his anus. Are you ready for this? Well, it takes a little getting used to, but you can definitely do it.

These are the proper preparation that you have to do. First, you have to make sure that your lover's body is clean, as well as yours. You may take a shower together. You may give his butt a gentle scrub. This is a sexy gesture that may turn him on. Clean your fingers and trim your finger nails. You cannot perform this activity with long nails as this might cause a sickness like prostatitis, an infection in the prostate.
Purchase a good lubricant to help your partner ease out during the penetration. You may choose from the three variants, oil-based, water-based, and silicon-based. I prefer water-based lubricant because it has the right amount of lubrication. There are times when I opt to go for an oil-based lubricant to provide myself a different feel. You may get the three variations so you and your lover can try it all, and decide afterwards.

Now, the anus can be tensed if it gets stimulated. So, you want your man to be in a relaxed state. You may do this by giving him a back massage for a few minutes. You can do these with fragrant oil like lavender which has relaxing properties. You may also tweak your bedroom by installing a dim light and lighting out some candles. This is a fool-proof way to put your partner in a sexy mood.

I have to be honest. It does take a certain amount of practice for you and your partner to get used to this. So, it is a hand-in-hand work with your lover. Both of you must be willing to do this massage in order for it to be successful. Do not rush on things. Your first few attempts may just be focused on getting him familiar with the feelings of being touched in the bottom. Consequently, you also need to get a feel of how is it to touch his anus.

Once you are used to the idea of having to touch your partner's anus, and your lover got the hang of it, you may already start on penetration. Two centimeters away from his opening, the bump or the location of his prostate can be felt. The measurement that I have given is not necessarily true to every man, others may have the prostate at the deeper part of their anus. So, do not fuss if you weren't able to find the bump two centimeters away.

Once you have felt the bump, touch this gently. You may press it and massage but be sure that you are very gentle. You may do this while stimulating his penis. I hope I was able to answer your query on "How do I give my husband a pleasurable prostate massage?"

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    If you are having a hard time deciding what to give your man for your coming anniversary or his birthday, I have the perfect fix for you. Give him a prostate massage that will surely give him pleasure. This is not the usual massage that he can get from your local spa. It is a personalized luxury that only you can provide. I will teach you how to.

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