Problems Women Have Ejaculating

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I think there are two major problems women face that prevents them from the immensely enjoyable experience of ejaculation.

They are the female's mental attitude, and their partners inability or unwillingness to spend the time and effort during lovemaking and to learn the necessary techniques.

I will address both of these problems and the solutions here. The ejaculation is done through the urethra.

This is the same tube that is used for urination. It is located outside the vagina, between it and the clitoris. The fluid is water like, and non- lubricating.

In no way does ejaculation improve the chances of conceiving, it offers no lubrication, and is dumped outside of the vagina. The only conceivable purpose of female ejaculation is for pleasure.

And the pleasure is intense, in many cases far surpassing the best orgasm's. Often ejaculation takes place during both a clitoral and a vaginal orgasm (yes there are two type of orgasms, clitoral and vaginal, but often orgasm is a combination of the two), giving the female extreme pleasure, sort of a triple whammy.

Sometimes after ejaculation the female will virtually pass out from the intense feelings.

It can be argued that since the only reason that females can and do ejaculate is for pleasure, then there should be no reason for them to not do so, and as often as they please.

It is one of the safer sex acts, since in most cases it can be triggered with fingers alone. Ejaculating from intercourse is more difficult, especially when performed from the missionary position, but still possible.

Thanks for reading,

Lorenzo Martini

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