Many Married Women Seeking Sugar Daddy Stability

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Married dating has become an out-right internet genre, accounting for a growing number of dating sites that focus on connecting married individuals with singles, or other married daters.

A more recent type of online dating site, often called Sugar Daddy sites are becoming popular amongst many married daters. These Sugar Daddy or "Investment Dating" sites typically match older, wealthier men with younger attractive females.

"At least 30 to 40 percent of our Sugar Daddy's are married"-says Brandon Wade, creator of a popular Investment Dating site.

If you suspect your spouse is using the internet to cheat on you, here are a few tips to catch them in the act:

Check their search history. If you've noticed that your partners search toolbar never has a list of previously visited sites, than you might have reason for suspicion. This is because it means that he or she may be deleting their search history intentionally. Whether or not they're deleting they're search histories can usually be confirmed by checking their internet search settings.
Request to view your partners email at random. If you're worried about violating your partners privacy, than why not ask them directly to show you their email . If they agree to show you their email, than be sure to check EVERY folder for online dating messages, including the SPAM or JUNK folders.

Search for your spouse. If you've got a pretty good idea of the website you think your spouse is using, than search for your partner on that site. Whether it's a casual hook-up spot like Craigslist or a more serious dating site, use your partners searchable description i.e. height, weight and eye color to triangulate their profile.

Moreover, if you think you've turned every online stone, and still come short of finding the red-ink, than just be patient. Sooner or later, your partner will forget to wipe their search history, or might even forget to close out an extramarital email.

Lastly, success is the best revenge! Putting yourself back on the market has never been easier. Beat your cheating spouse at their own game and try online dating yourself. Most online dating sites allow you to create a viewable profile for free, and often women are allowed full access at no charge. You know what to do, and how to do it. The question is, are you ready?

join any dating websites focused on married dating, discreet dating or adult dating.

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