Make A Woman Squirt With This Simple Process

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You can order any old DVD on this very subject matter, and there are tons featuring totally different ways to approach it, but here before you is the most common method for making a woman squirt.

Let it be known that perhaps not all women can do this, though at the same time for a lot of girls - those are fighting words. It just takes experimenting, patience and the willingness to want to master the best techniques to up your love making status.

Here is how you make a woman squirt, using the most simple method.

The g spot is what you will need to use. Its located almost exactly just into the vaginal opening and around the top wall of the vagina. If you feel around a bit with your fingers you will notice that it stands out a little bit on its own, and that it has an interesting texture to it. If you find a spot as I am describing then this is it.
Before beginning, just in case this trick works a little too well, you should definitely prepare with some towels or sheets. Cleaning up can be important, and the girl should relieve herself first before beginning. It is believed that the fluid emitted from the vagina is not urine, but none the less, we are definitely in this region and urine can be mixed in.

You're going to want to the tips of your fingers and gently press on and rub this area (the g spot). Be creative, but go slow at first. Try making circular motions, but remember - different strokes for different folks.

If she responds, you respond, but never get ahead of her too much. Keep it clean and simple. Don't get out of control, and whatever you do - if she starts responding to it do not stop. The things that you should be looking for is her heavy breathing, and shaking or trembling. Her body may even go into a sort of spasm.

Pick up the pace as needed, but again - don't get too far ahead. If you did it right, and her body responds to it, then you may be faced with some fluids coming your way. This can varry from a little trickle to total projectile, so stand back.

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