Magnum Condoms - Why They Don't Impress Women

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Using a larger, magnum condom does not impress women.  It might make you feel better when you are going through the checkout line at the store, but for many men, magnum condoms are too large and their sex life suffers.

The average condom is 7.5 inches long and 2 inches wide when completely unrolled and pressed flat.  According to studies done by the Kinsey Institute and Lifestyles condoms, over 90 percent of men fit into average or small size condoms.  Less than 10 percent of men should be purchasing and using large, magnum size condoms.

Is The Risk Worth A Temporary Ego Boost?

Magnum condoms are typically over 8 inches in length and about 2.25 inches wide when pressed flat.  Unless you are unusually large, using magnum condoms is hurting your sex life.  Using the wrong size condom results in feeling less pleasure and sensation during sex.  You also run a very high risk of the condom sliding off during intercourse resulting in potential disease or unwanted pregnancy.

Condoms that fit well allow you to feel more body heat and your partner's contours.  Wearing the right size of condom also minimizes the risk the condom will break or slide off.  The most frequent reason condoms fail is due to men and women using them wrong, including wearing the wrong size.

Studies have also shown that while the movies and television may indicate women want a man with as big a penis as possible, reality is different.  Most women are happiest and most satisfied with a man who fits into an average size condom.

What Size Of Condom Should You Choose To Get The Most Pleasure And Protection?

Check out this condom size guide to see which condom will help you get the most out of sex.

Choosing the right condom size really is a sex life altering experience. Don't you owe it to yourself to find out? After all, life is too short for bad sex.

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