Learn Breast Massage Techniques That Will Give Her Breast Orgasms Tonight

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Learning breast massage techniques that lead to breast massage orgasms isn't hard.

You want to be gentle, yet firm with your touch. Pay attention to the whole breast, no matter how big or small, and be careful with the intensity around her nipples. Some women love when a man is rough with her nipples, even pulling or nipping on them, but others don't tolerate a lot of stimulation in this area. Stay in close communication so that you get the intensity level just right.

There are many different breast massage techniques you can learn, and as you perform them all, watch her face and listen to how she responds to each touch. One of the best reasons to have a long-term relationship with a woman, whether you are monogamous or not, is that you get to learn her body better and better each time you play. When you give her better orgasms, she'll be eager to give you better orgasms as well. She might even want to explore the male g spot.

One tip is to really take your time in the breast massage. The breasts are the positive pole in a woman just like the penis is the positive pole for a woman. Really take your time in the massage and you might find it leads to a breast massage orgasm.

Breast massage can stop there if you're not yet comfortable with one another, or you can move on to clitoris massage and even intercourse. Keep in mind also that you can use breast massage techniques during intercourse in most positions, which is a great way to increase the level of intensity during sex.

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    Maurice Tate

    With the right stimulation, some particularly sensitive women can experience breast orgasms as a result of sexual breast massage. This can happen if the breast massage lasts for at least 20 minutes. Go slowly and find out what takes place!

    By: Maurice Tatel Sexualityl 18/06/2010 lViews: 1,231
    Maurice Tate

    Often overlooked in the bedroom, a breast massage can really be a turn on for both partners. Women love the feel of the massage, and men love touching breasts so intimately. This is a great way to grow closer as a couple or even help your partner achieve orgasm.

    By: Maurice Tatel Sexualityl 17/06/2010 lViews: 323
    Dani Emp

    Not all massage therapists are authorized or licensed and not all operators are legal. We have read of raids conducted throughout the country of supposed massage parlors which are in truth, thinly-disguised brothels at best. 'Massage therapists' in the shape of (frequently) younger ladies ; provide sex services in the final goal of the accomplishment of a customer's orgasm.

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    Tantra massage is a sensuous, healing massage with its origins in ancient India. Using the healing power of touch, Tantric erotic massage engages all of the body’s senses in bringing two people together. A gathering together of the senses, the Tantra massage can bring new meaning and to a couple’s relationship. The focus on sexual completion is abandoned and instead the couple takes a journey into relaxation, openness and learning to receive as well as give.

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    John Dugan

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    John Dugan

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    Maurice Tate

    I asked my women friends this question the other day about what things they hate about men and for some dating tips and I was surprised about the response. I assumed lack of money would be one issue women hate. Another issue I felt could be important would be a lack of listening skills. I expected that most women would find most men lack the ability to have a deep emotional connection. I also expected most women would like great sex.

    By: Maurice Tatel Sexualityl 19/06/2010 lViews: 105
    Maurice Tate

    With the right stimulation, some particularly sensitive women can experience breast orgasms as a result of sexual breast massage. This can happen if the breast massage lasts for at least 20 minutes. Go slowly and find out what takes place!

    By: Maurice Tatel Sexualityl 18/06/2010 lViews: 1,231
    Maurice Tate

    Men should take note, because I am about to provide some information on the importance of erotic and sensual breast massage instructions in sex that can bring about a breast orgasm. The ancient knowledge of tantra informs us that the woman's positive pole is her breasts, and her negative pole is her vulva. In men, the opposite is true. The negative pole is the heart vicinity, and the positive pole is the penis

    By: Maurice Tatel Sexualityl 18/06/2010 lViews: 2,199
    Maurice Tate

    So what are the keys to make love to any woman? Follow these simple sexuality tips and you will find your lover will want a lot more sex.

    By: Maurice Tatel Sexualityl 18/06/2010 lViews: 154
    Maurice Tate

    Today you are going to learn one of the most effective sex tips regarding unleashing sexual screaming orgasms from your woman! Now this is really quite shocking for most men due to the fact that.... It is not possessing a massive male organ. and it is not some kind of mad lovemaking position.

    By: Maurice Tatel Sexualityl 18/06/2010 lViews: 1,014
    Maurice Tate

    When starting sensual and sexual massage foreplay strokes, one principle I like to keep I mind is to go from the outer to the inner hotter zones on her body. Hot zones are the breasts and genitals.

    By: Maurice Tatel Sexualityl 18/06/2010 lViews: 1,186
    Maurice Tate

    One of the best ways for a man to become more expert in their sexual skills is very straightforward. If you think about it, sex is all about touch. The touch of ones hand on your partners body, the touch of soft lips as well as the contact of genitals in lovemaking.

    By: Maurice Tatel Sexualityl 18/06/2010 lViews: 335
    Maurice Tate

    Man and woman have different ways in how they interact in the world. The masculine energy manifests as a man being more goal orientated, more focused, powerful and strong. This leads to many masculine men focusing on making money, solving problems, climbing up to be a leader and political power.

    By: Maurice Tatel Sexualityl 18/06/2010 lViews: 248
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