Know What Your Man Wants in Bed

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How do you know what your man wants in bed? Besides the obvious, sex! You could ask him or you could take the time to find out for yourself which is the best way because you get to experiment and you might both find something you enjoy that you may not have thought of.

Sex should be fun and trying to figure out what he wants with no help from him may be a bit discouraging. As silly as it sounds try playing a game next time you go to bed. You can play it in the form of 20 questions. You can each either have 10 questions or 20 if you prefer to play by the rules.

Ask your lover a question about he likes such as you like your neck tickled? Then tickle his neck even if he said he didn't like it you might both be surprised if he really does.

Another fun way to know what your man wants in bed is to try some role playing get a few different colored wigs and a few cute, sexy costumes and see how he reacts to them. If he enjoys this you can pick up a few costumes for him that will fulfill both your fantasies.

You can also find out a lot just by paying attention to what he watches on TV and listen to him when is talking to a friend (not eavesdropping) just listen most likely he will not being telling his buddy what he wants you to do to him in bed but you can pick up on some of your own ideas based on his conversations. For example if he is a Dallas Cowboys Fan you may want to dress up like a cheerleader.

There are so many subtle ways to find out what your man wants in bed you just have to pay attention and use your imagination just a little. You may even be surprised at what you can come up with when you combine his interests with your own. If all else fails just ask him most men are more than happy to tell you exactly what they want!

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