Increase Your Erection Size - 3 Facts To Get A Bigger Erection

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As the years creep up men can find it quite difficult to get increase in erection size. It can be attributed to nerve ends becoming old and just natural penile decline. Unfortunately men can start to lose the power in their erection after they have reached 25 years old. We have all heard the statements that men reach their peak by twenty. This could be directed at erection strength and power. This article will reveal 3 facts to get a bigger erection that men don't know but you must.

Fact 1- Doing natural penis hand exercises can be very effective.

To get a big erection you really need to find ways to force more blood into your corpora cavernosa (main organ chambers and connected tissue cells). Natural exercises that are performed using your hands can be the answer if you apply the correct technique and generally follow a medically designed enhancement exercise plan. That way you are getting a proven exercise regime that has been used by thousands of men effectively to increase erection size.

Fact 2- Don't Think That After Hand Success You Will Shrink.

Natural male exercises can lead to permanent erection gains. Once you successfully use your hands to stimulate and stretch the organ ligaments, any size gain is permanent. The organ does not shrink that easily, so even if you kept up with the exercises after you reached your desired size it might not be a bad idea.

Fact 3- Do Kegels To Strengthen Your PC Muscles

The process of exercising and strengthen your PC muscles with kegels can be highly effective. Try and locate your PC muscle which is normally under your scrotum. These muscles control your bladder and ejaculation process. Doing taut and tense exercises to strengthen down there can be beneficial to a rock hard erection. Strong and tight PC muscles can ensure you maintain a powerful and big erection.

You can also take the help of herbal commodities to enhance erection power and size. These special herbs are normally found in herbal pills. These special herbal pills have been helping men get larger and stronger erections for over ten years and represent real value for money. It can be hard to actually nail down a product that can work for you. Many products have been ineffective and men have lost money and this can leave a sour taste. Try and do some research and study before making a choice.

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