How to Turn On a Woman - 3 Outside the Box Ideas on How to Make a Woman Want You

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When most guys think about turning on a woman, they immediately think about physical things. They think about touching a woman a certain way, they think about sex, and all of these things can and do work to turn on a woman. But, if you are only focused on physical ways of turning on a woman, you are missing the boat.

Women get more turned on by their emotions than any touch that you can give, any sex position, or anything else in the physical realm of things. And the reason why so many guys kind of fall "short" in the bedroom has more to do with their failure to turn on a woman emotionally than it does in any other form.

Now, don't go thinking that you have to get into some crazy new age mindset and sit around and talk about the way that she feels. That's not what really gets her going. It's about YOU being the source of certain emotions for her. When you have that going for you, you can turn on a woman pretty easily.

Here are 3 outside the box ideas on how to turn on a woman and make her want you:

1. Learn to be "primal" in the way that you woo a woman.

What do I mean by this? Well, while every other guy is out there trying out the latest line that they heard, you should be focused on learning how to use more instinctual things like your body language, the way that you move, and the way that you look at a woman. Doing this, you can easily end up light years ahead of most guys in terms of making women want to be intimate with you.

2. Talk to her in a way that creates certain urges in her.

When you speak to guys, the emphasis tends to be more on the facts. Like, when you are describing a good time, you kind of tell your boys what you did, who was there, etc. When speaking to a woman, you want to create a vivid picture in her mind and focus on telling her how things made you feel. You will get a lot further in conversation with a woman to build up certain urges when you focus on using words and phrases that evoke emotions and paint a picture.

3. Present yourself as the alpha male and don't lose that status in her eyes.

When you present yourself as an alpha male, and you carry off that image without losing that status in a woman's eyes, it can be a very powerful way to make her want you. The way that women are "wired" is to be attracted and pay attention to alpha males, the real kind, and when you can make women see you in that way... you can have her wanting you.

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    Wanting to make a woman feel sexually attracted to you is a good thing, because it shows that you know that it's probably not going to happen magically just because you want it to. You know that there are certain things that you have to do to make a woman feel that way.

    By: Chris Tylerl Sexualityl 31/08/2012 lViews: 166

    Knowing that you are not very good at making a woman feel sexually attracted to you might seem like a hard thing to deal with, but it can actually be a good thing. There are plenty of guys out there who don't do well at making a woman feel that way about them, but they don't even know it.

    By: Chris Tylerl Sexualityl 25/08/2012 lViews: 101

    Most guys don't really know what they need to do in order to create sexual attraction with a woman. You have to know what you are doing if you are going to make a woman feel sexually attracted to you, and if you don't, then you don't stand much of a chance of being able to seduce a woman.

    By: Chris Tylerl Sexualityl 19/08/2012 lViews: 34

    You know how frustrating it can be when you are dating a woman and you really want to be able to take things to another level with her but everything that you have been trying just does not seem to be working out for you. Even if you are not the most superficial guy in the world, at some point, you definitely want to be able to get things advancing in the right direction with her.

    By: Chris Tylerl Sexualityl 13/08/2012 lViews: 21

    You usually don't go out looking to meet women without having any ideas of being able to end up in bed with a woman. Deep down, that is what you are kind of hoping is going to happen. Of course, if you are like most men that go out looking to meet women, that just does not happen that often. In fact, it happens so little, you don't even like to think about it.

    By: Chris Tylerl Sexualityl 09/08/2012 lViews: 32

    As a guy who wants to do well with women, you have to totally understand the fact that women get turned on differently than guys do. You and I both know that it doesn't take much to get guys turned on. All we need is a good magazine. Women, on the other hand, usually need a little bit more.

    By: Chris Tylerl Sexualityl 09/08/2012 lViews: 48

    It's totally understandable why you would want to seek out some good advice on how to make a woman desire you sexually. As any guy knows, as much fun as you might have hanging out with a woman, it is a LOT more fun when you know that she feels some heat when she is around you. It makes you feel good to know that you can make a woman feel that way and deep down, it's what all straight guys want.

    By: Chris Tylerl Sexualityl 07/08/2012 lViews: 29

    Whether you already have a girlfriend or you just want to get better overall with women, you have to understand what you need to do in order to get a woman aroused by you. You can't rely on just being a nice guy, you have to be able to meet her sexual needs and desires as well.

    By: Chris Tylerl Sexualityl 02/08/2012 lViews: 42
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