How to turn a man on-5 Ways to be the best lover he ever had

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1. Sex in a soft, clean bed is underrated.
Yes, the occasional romp in the backseat of an SUV, a quickie up against the wall, or a steamy session in the bathtub are incredibly good. But you bought those fabulous sheets and that perfectly cushion-y comforter to be enjoyed. So put them to good, regular use!

2. The more sex you have, the more sex you want.
It's completely true -- ever notice how the day after an incredibly memorable sex session it's all you can do not to run home after work and try for a repeat? Great sex creates more great sex! And it works like any good sport; regular play makes you even better at the game.

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3. Feel free to take matters into your own hands. Stop worrying about whether or not he is going to give you an orgasm. Guarantee your orgasm by using your hands or a vibrator. He'll find it arousing, especially if you describe the hot, sexy things you're thinking while you're doing it. And don't be afraid to give him a hand, either. He'll love having you finish him off for a change.

4. Accept gifts without guilt.
Think about how good it makes you feel to perform a one-way sexual treat for him (like the oral sex you gave him right after he got out of the shower, before he headed in to work). Don't deny him the same pleasure of giving. In fact, you can even let him know exactly the kinds of gifts you would most like to receive!

5. Props are fun!
Yes, raw, naked sex is awesome, but vibrators, feathers, scarves, brushes, ice cubes and other toys can be the icing on the sexy, delicious cupcake. You can find all sorts of interesting items for sex play around the house, or you email him the link to a sex toy website and offer to try out any item he purchases. Oh, the possibilities.

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