How to Talk Dirty to My Boyfriend - What Exactly Should You Say?

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Now that you have taken a deep breath and decided to talk dirty to your boyfriend, you may have doubts as to how you should go about it. 

You have gained enough confidence to start dirty talking. But what exactly should you say? If this is your point of worry, relax. It’s as easy as pie.

Think About The things You Love to Do Together 

Gather together your thoughts of all that you know about your partner. Somewhere inside, you know exactly what pushes his buttons. Mull over those things for a while. And about not just his tastes; take into account yours as well. Talking dirty works best when it’s about what both of you really enjoy together. 

What does he really like to do? Where do you like to do it? Is there something special that he likes you to wear? 

Think about the last time it got mind-blazingly hot between him and you. Now that you have a mental list of all the red hot stuff that gets your guy panting for more, make a plan. Practice a scene in your head. Not in any intense way, just make up a loose script.

Getting Started: What You Can Say 

Now that you are mentally prepared, there are many ways to go about it depending on how you want to take it forward. 

If you are a little shy, try starting it on the phone the first time. You could call him when he’s heading home, to ask him how his day was and then tell him, “You know, I’m lying naked in the tub thinking of you… Can you imagine me?” This is sure to give him a thrill because you are calling up an erotic visual image, quite unexpectedly, into his mind. It is going to get him thinking about what is going to unfold when he gets back home to you. 

You could go on to ask him what he is thinking of. You could tell him how the water feels and how much better it would be if he were there too. You could ask him what he would like you to wear when you are finished with your bath. 

Get Him Involved 

The trick is to get him involved in the conversation so that his imagination is in overdrive. Men are not very imaginative creatures usually, and the sense of anticipation that will build over what he is visualizing will drive him crazy. 

If you are not the shy type, use a more direct route. Set the mood; then tell him that you feel really dirty and need a bath. 

“Don’t you want to get me out of this dress?”

“I want you to come with me and help me get clean for you.”

“Do you want to see me in some lacy lingerie when I come out?”

“Shall I wear that red thong that got you so excited last time?”

“Don’t you want to get me out of this dress?” 

If you are uncomfortable with swear words, then by all means speak in plain English. If you enjoy using explicit words, then use them in moderation. 

Say It Right! 

It is not as much about what you say as it is about HOW you say it. Get saucy, put on your bedroom eyes and let your lust flow into your words. 

Ask what he wants; how he wants it and when he replies, tell him how much you love it when he does this or that.

The possibilities of talking dirty to your boyfriend are endless. Getting it right depends only on knowing your personal preferences. Once you start on talking dirty, his reactions will be your best guide.

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