How To Stop The Gag Reflex When Giving Head

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First of all, when you first start learning how to deep throat your man's penis you're going to gag, there's no way around it.  This is a completely natural biological response, your body thinks that it's choking so it's trying to close off.  So, you've got to retrain your throat muscles.

How do you train your throat muscles from closing off?  Very carefully, of course.  One of the things that we have to do it learn to breathe through the nose when giving a blow job.  This is really important because we don't want to break off the seal of the blow job with the mouth but we do have to breathe!

You can't breathe through the nose with the penis entirely deep throated, unfortunately, that's impossible.  The trick is to ease the penis out of the back of the throat and take in a quick breath while the airway is opened.  Then you must hold your breath a a few seconds as you move your man's penis in and out of your throat.

Do not  be surprised if your man shoots his load down your throat.  Enjoy it.  You've just done him a wonderful favor.  In time you'll really learn to enjoy the sensation of his semen spurting directly into the back of your throat and down into your stomach.  Yummy.

Practice makes perfect, ladies, so set up a schedule in which you can practice your deep throating on something soft.  A peeled banana works great or something else that's soft and penis shaped.  Relax your throat muscles as the object hits the back of your throat and let it ease into your throat.  Will you gag the first few times?  Yes.  Just keep at it.

It may take several sessions to get used to the sensation.  The best advice is to ease it gently inside.  Once you get used to it, it's a skill that you have forever, you're a trained deep throat queen at that point.  Congratulations, most women don't take the time to learn how to deep throat, so you'll know that you can give any man an extra special treat.

Remember the gag reflex is completely natural so in the beginning you're going to gag.  Go easy.  Be gentle.  Slowly learn how your body reacts and you'll get it soon enough.  Do not try to shove the "practice penis" too hard down your throat, that can easily cause vomiting.  Gross.

The goal is too get so good at deep throating that you won't vomit even with the thickest penis pounding your throat.  You can do it!  Bon voyage.


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