How To Stimulate Her G-spot - Tips on How To Become A Master in The Bedroom

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The G-Spot, some men haven't heard of it and those that have often do not know what it is or more importantly where it is!. It's also the difference between failure and success when it comes to pleasing your woman in bed.

Not being able to satisfy your woman in bed is a major reason why many relationships fall apart, I find it amazing that many women rarely or in some cases, never experience the pleasure of an orgasm.

Knowing where your lovers g-spot is and how to stimulate it, will have your partner screaming your name out loud!.
Ok let's get down to it, the g-spot is a region or area located in a woman's vagina, locating the g-spot and stimulating it can lead to earth shattering orgasms for you lady. It will make her more receptive to sex and often have her initiate sexual encounters. It's usually recognizable as a soft bump or ridge found 1-2 inches inside the vagina along the top.

Once you have located the g-spot, you need to stimulate it, you can do this by using your tongue, fingers and in the more skillful lover the penis. Simply repeatedly massaging the area will bring your woman to a satisfying orgasm, women report it is more satisfying than orgasms reached by clitoris stimulation.

One important point to emphasis is to ensure the vagina is properly lubricated, whether naturally through excitement or the use of lubricant, before you begin to massage the area.

Are you ready to become a master in the bedroom?

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    Linda Scheifer

    Free tips and advice on g spot technique. Using the right techniques, you will be on your way to giving your lover awesome orgasms!

    By: Linda Scheiferl Sexualityl 11/09/2010 lViews: 614
    Knut Holt

    There is a special sensual area with a central point over the woman's vagina, the so-called G-spot. Read here about the characteristics of the G-spot, how to find and stimulate it.

    By: Knut Holtl Sexualityl 06/01/2010 lViews: 428

    For several years there has been a discussion going on about the female G-spot, where it is located, how to stimulate it and so on. There are several myths and misconceptions as well when it comes to the location of the G-spot and how to stimulate it effectively.

    By: Thomasl Sexualityl 21/10/2009 lViews: 241

    The G-Spot is shrouded in mystery, but in reality is easy to find and easy to stimulate. Here we will look at how. The two sexual positions enclosed, are guaranteed to stimulate the G-Spot and give a woman fantastic orgasms. Lets give you an exact roadmap on how to find it and then show you how to stimulate it.

    By: Monica Hendrix l Sexualityl 23/03/2008 lViews: 13,675

    Gals, have you ever had a G-spot orgasm? Do you even believe that such a spot exists? If your answer to both of these questions is a resounding no, then now is as good a time as any to learn everything that you need to know about how to find your G-spot!

    By: Tariq Ghazil Sexualityl 08/09/2009 lViews: 1,580

    Western culture has dubbed women as not capable of having orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Many women will deny this, there is another area called the G-spot. This is extremely critical in sending waves of orgasmic pleasure throughout a woman's body, but stimulating the G-spot is not the only factor in doing so. The elusive G-spot, you need to find it so you can open up its treasure chest of excitement.

    By: Emile-anne Smithl Sexualityl 07/05/2006 lViews: 609
    Maurice Tate

    Male G spot massage orgasms are not just for gay men, thousands of straight men engage in prostate stimulation daily. This is because prostate orgasms are much more intense and last much longer than regular penile orgasms.

    By: Maurice Tatel Sexualityl 17/06/2010 lViews: 668

    The Female The definitive online guide to a woman's G Spot! Our team of experts have compiled an intellectually (& sexually!) stimulating resource that covers everything you've wanted to know about the G Spot. You'll discover tips, techniques, toys, pictures, diagrams and even videos about the Gspot, female ejaculation & orgasims.

    By: Tariq Ghazil Sexualityl 07/09/2009 lViews: 1,700

    Whether you're a man or a woman, you might be wondering what the buzz is all about when it comes to the G-spot or the Grafenberg spot. The problem that most women have is not being able to find it themselves, or not being able to reach an orgasm by stimulating the G-spot. On the other hand, the problem that men have is that they do not know which G-spot sex positions to use so that they can zero in on the target – which is the G-spot.

    By: Tariq Ghazil Sexualityl 07/09/2009 lViews: 45,451

    Every man dreams of giving a woman g-spot orgasm. G-spot is considered the Holy Grail in female sexuality. If it is stimulated correctly, you can give a woman an orgasm so strong that she will be screaming in delight.

    By: Crid Leel Sexualityl 27/11/2009 lViews: 91
    John Dugan

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    A man doesn't have to be bored with his solo play routine to try new things. Check out these inventive masturbation techniques.

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    Want to make your woman want YOU more in bed? Want her to eagerly look forward to and initiate your love making sessions? Well there really is only one secret you need to learn, the secret is how to give a woman an orgasm she will ever forget.

    By: Lynda Jamesonl Sexualityl 02/07/2009 lViews: 797

    Understanding what turn your woman on and what makes her hot in bed is crucial to having a happy and healthy sex life. For many men one of the most mysterious aspects of driving a woman crazy in bed is how to give your lady an orgasm.

    By: Lynda Jamesonl Sexualityl 24/06/2009 lViews: 644

    If your looking for a satisfying sex life for both you and your partner, or want to drive the lady's wild in bed, there are a number of mistakes men commonly make that you must avoid. Make these mistakes and you will be regarded more as a dud than stud in bed. So with this in mind I thought it would be a good idea to share with you the top 3 mistakes men make in bed

    By: Lynda Jamesonl Sexualityl 24/06/2009 lViews: 1,201

    For men it's usually easy, provide enough friction and stimulation and they will climax, how to make a girl orgasm on the other hand is quite the challenge task. Women are configured, sexually, in a much more complex and subtle way, bringing a girl to orgasm is something you will have to work hard on. This is probably the reason why a lot of men give up and forget to bringing a woman to orgasm or some women fake climax, to prevent giving the partners feelings of inadequacy.

    By: Lynda Jamesonl Sexualityl 24/06/2009 lViews: 3,218

    Studies clearly reveal that the average male lasts a meagre five to ten minutes when having sex. Seventy-one percent of men desire to have better sexual endurance. With this in mind I wrote this article to give readers tips on how to last longer in bed.

    By: Lynda Jamesonl Sexualityl 13/06/2009 lViews: 2,455
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