How to Stimulate Her G-Spot? Get Her Into Orgasms By Hitting The Spot!

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The g-spot is one of the most sensitive areas in a woman's body. If you master the technique to stimulate the g-spot, you can bring your woman to orgasm heaven easily. Now, let me share with you some vital tips to guide you in g-spot stimulation.

  1. Make her feel relaxed. This is your first move before you do anything else. Take her out for a romantic dinner or catch a movie together. Your objective is to get your girl in a relaxed mood. When your girl feels relaxed, seduction will come easily.
  2. Hug, caress and kiss her. When you are hugging and caressing her, do not attempt to locate the g-spot. Caress, hug and kiss your girl to get her fully aroused. One tip is to engage in French kissing along with heavy fondling. This should get both of you sexually aroused.
  3. Perform cunnilingus on her. Use your tongue to lick her clitoris so as to make her even more aroused.
  4. Use your fingers to stimulate her clitoris. Before you insert your fingers into her vaginal canal, use your fingers to stimulate her clitoris. This will lead her to a mind-blowing orgasm later.
  5. Locate her g-spot. To locate her g-spot, insert your index finger into her vaginal canal with your palm facing upward. Then make a "come here" motion and you should be able to find the g-spot.
  6. Apply pressure. G-spot is not sensitive to touch. In order to give her a g-spot orgasm, you must apply consistent pressure to it.
  7. Use sexual positions that allow you to stimulate her g-spot with your manhood. Some sexual positions allow more access to her g-spot. Just a few deep thrusts will be rewarded with high pitched screams and huge orgasms.

Do you know that there is a single sexual activity that brings 81% of women to orgasm? This is a sure-fire technique to satisfy your lady in bed. Find out from the site below now:

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    Cunnilingus is one of the best ways to satisfy a girl during lovemaking. This is because a woman’s clitoris consists of more than 8,000 nerve endings, making it the most sensitive area of a human body. When you perform cunnilingus on her clitoris, the feeling is immense and she can easily reach orgasm from the stimulation.

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    As a man, you must last at least 10 minutes during intercourse in order to satisfy your lady. Many men suffer from premature ejaculation and they ejaculate within a minute (or seconds) into intercourse which leave their ladies unsatisfied.

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