How to Stimulate a Woman's Body – 8 Places on a Woman’s Body That You Should Not Neglect

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Most men think that if they can stimulate a woman's vagina that her ultimate satisfaction is guaranteed. However, this is not the case. There are many places on a woman’s body that can bring sexual satisfaction to her when you stimulate them correctly.

So if you are looking for advice on how to stimulate a woman’s body, look no further. In this article, let me share with you 8 places on a woman’s body that you should not neglect.

  1. Neck. The neck of a woman’s body is very a vulnerable spot. By using your tongue to lick it slowly, you can turn her on easily. Lick the side of her neck first and slowly progress to lick her earlobes.
  2. Breasts. Do you know that a woman’s breasts can be one of the most sensitive and arousing part of her body? You should give her a sensual breast massage, followed by kissing and licking of her nipples. This can bring the most exciting and orgasmic joy a woman can ever experience.
  3. Stomach. The stomach is a very tender spot which can be the most important erogenous zones of a woman’s body. Slowly kissing around a woman's lower stomach and right above her vagina will build sexual tension and arousal, which sure to bring her to orgasm heaven later.
  4. Inner thighs. The skin of her inner thighs is very sensitive to touch and may be very ticklish, so be careful when you are stimulating this area. Start off with light caressing. If caressing does not work, a firmer touch or grip might be needed or perhaps use of the mouth and tongue rather than your hands and fingers.
  5. Knees. You should spend some time on her knee with your hand or mouth to tease her. Although this is a very sensitive area, you have not crossed into strictly sexual areas. The
    buildup of such desire can produce strong sexual feelings and greater stimulation and orgasm.
  6. Forehead. By kissing her forehead, you can cause an excitement and sexual anticipation in a woman’s mind. When you are kissing her forehead, make sure you do it with compassion and love.
  7. Lips. Almost every woman loves kissing. When you engage in a passionate kiss with her, you can be sure to turn her on fast.
  8. Brain. Last but not least, the most important place to stimulate is her brain. Woman and men are very different when it comes to sex. Women seldom get turn on when they see a naked man. If you want to please her sexually, you must learn how to stimulate her brain. Stimulate her brain with dirty talks, compliments or loving words during foreplay and intercourse. It really helps!

If you are looking for more ways to stimulate a woman’s body so as to have a more intimate and happy relationship with your partner, visit the site below now:

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