How to Seduce a Straight Guy in 3 Easy Steps

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How to seduce a straight guy isn't as difficult as it may seem. Providing you follow certain rules, you'll be surprised at how successful you can become. To seduce a straight guy, you have to be subtle, know your body language and most of all, be patient.

Making Contact

Should you want to seduce a straight guy at a bar as an example, the first thing you have to do is scan the area. If you see a straight guy that you like, don't approach him. Go to the bar, buy your drink, and stand somewhere in line of sight of him. Keep an eye on him, but don't stare.  Should he catch your eye at least twice, give him a wry smile. When you go over to buy your next drink, say "hi" to him. When he responds in like, ask him a question that you know he will agree with, such as, "Man, it's freezing out there, isn't it?" to which he will more than likely agree with you. This is the ice-breaker. From here on, it is up to you to continue the conversation. If he doesn't respond however, then this is a sign for you to move on. When out to seduce a straight guy, or anyone else for that matter, you must be able to handle rejection, if you can't, you might as well give up now!

See if he's Interested

Bring up the issue of relationships, but don't mention your ex-boyfriend, but more so your "ex-partner".  See if he also refers to his ex as an "ex-partner" or not. If he does, this could indicate that he is interested.  To seduce a straight guy, you must pay great attention to these kinds of signals as straight guys will always be very guarded. The most important thing is to never be pushy or blatant if you want to seduce a straight guy. I will guarantee that you will scare them off if you are.

Now that your discussing relationships, slip into the conversation about your mate who made an absolute idiot of himself, or any other story about your mate for that matter, who just so happens to be gay. This is to test his reaction. Mention that you have no problem with that kind of thing, each to his own and all that. Wait to see his response. If it's positive, then you can go on to the next step on how to seduce a straight guy. If it isn't, then end it here and move on to someone else.

Lay down the Gauntlet

Now that you've brought up the topic of homosexuality, bring up the fact that someone once told you that that 10% of all men are gay and that many people aren't completely straight or gay, what does HE think of all of this? If he agrees with you, then you have just learnt how to seduce a straight guy. He is not just telling you that he agrees with you, but he is also telling you that he is interested in having sex with you. During this conversation, you have not told him that you are gay nor that you are interested in him, all you've done is let him know that you have an open mind, and nothing else.

When you have finished your conversation, be sure to swap contact details and arrange to meet up for a coffee or another drink, but do not invite him back to yours.

In order to seduce a straight guy, you have to be patient and it has to be on their terms. Don't ever be pushy and you must always let them know that they can trust you, as this is by far the most important thing if you are to ever seduce a straight guy with any success.

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