How To Seduce A Man – Killer Tips To Make Him Want You

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The security of a relationship can be wonderful. Knowing that you have a man that loves you and the companionship of someone that you enjoy spending time with is unequaled. But you may find that the routine of a relationship can almost feel like a rut sometimes and the breakneck speed at which many of us run our lives often leave little time for intimacy in a relationship. It is nobody’s fault that your sex life might have fallen into a rut also.

Would you like to spice things up a little bit? Would you like to experience the same passion that was there at the beginning of your relationship? Or perhaps you’d just like to become skilled in “seduction” and be able to blow your man’s mind from time to time? After all, there’s no better way to keep a man interested than being skilled at the art of seduction.

You may already know that men are, for the most part, visually stimulated. But what many women don’t know is that men can be aroused to the point of near idiocy in many different ways. True seduction is about tormenting a man in exactly this way by using many different mediums over a period of time until he simply can’t stand it any longer. Once you plant that seed of seduction in his mind it will stay there. He will be constantly thinking about it until he simply can’t stand it any longer. The longer you make him wait and the more you “tease” him and flirt with him the more he will want you. Try a couple of these tricks to seduce him and find out what kind of reaction you can get out of him.

Go Commando – The next time you are planning on going out for dinner try this little seduction trick and see what kind of response you get. A short skirt is preferable but not too short. Your goal is to excite your boyfriend or husband; not to give anatomy lessons to small children.

“Accidentally” forget an article of clothing, namely your underwear. Feel free to dress a little seductively in addition but not too over the top. Maybe a top that shows off your cleavage a little bit but nothing too far out of the ordinary.

As you are eating, if you notice him looking at your cleavage you can ask him if he is likes what he sees. Then slowly and seductively lean over the table and tell him that, oh… you just realized… you were so silly….you forgot….to wear…any underwear. Feel free to really act it out and flirt with him across the table. Chances are that if you were planning on going to a movie after dinner those plans will change.

Sexy Pictures – As we already stated, men are visually stimulated. This is why strip clubs and internet porn is such a huge business and such a big temptation for men, even men in relationships. But what if he had no reason to look at internet porn? What if he had visually stimulating pictures of you to look at whenever he wanted?

Boudoir photography is great if you can afford it. For those working within a budget a digital camera and some lingerie is all you will need. Most cameras have a timer so you can set the camera up, set the timer and strike a pose all by yourself.

Once you have a dozen or so pictures that you like you can start feeding him a daily diet of a picture a day sent to him via email while he is at work. Just a simple subject line asking him “does this make me look fat?” with the picture attached and signed “XXX … there’s more where this came from…” should be enough to drive him to distraction before the day is out.

Dance Like A Stripper – Many men go to strip clubs on a weekly basis and spend untold hundreds of dollars to watch a woman dance seductively. Why couldn’t you be that woman for him? Belly Dancing and Strippercise classes are popping up all over the place these days and there is a very good chance that your interest in such a class would be encouraged and supported by your husband or boyfriend. After all, after class you could show him what you learned and he would never have to feel guilty about watching a stripper dance for him again… because that stripper would be you.

Additionally, these classes are a great workout and you will walk away with a whole new respect for women that do this sort of thing for a living. But simply put, learning how to dance seductively like a stripper will probably completely short circuit his brain and give you a tremendous amount of leverage and power in your relationship. You might be amazed by how attentive he becomes and how quickly household chores get done without you even having to ask anymore.

Try some of these tips and experience the power that seduction can have in your relationship. Say goodbye to the days of ho-hum sex and bring some fun and excitement into your nights. Seduction is an art and it’s not just about the things you do, it’s how you do them. We just want to teach you how to do them seductively.

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