How to Pleasure Woman - Make Woman Scream With Pleasure

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To be able to give women the kind of mind blowing orgasms that they wish for, it is important to know the correct steps and methods to achieve this. Like most things, success is reached through planning. This is not to say you need to sit down and plan how to make love with your woman. However, there are 3 basic steps to keep in mind that will help you get your partner to climax.

Learn How To Give Women Intense Sexual Pleasure Through Oral Sex

Firstly you must make sure that you have her interested in the idea of making love. If you approach your woman to make love at the wrong moment, or perhaps you are not looking your best, this could turn her off and make her lose interest. In this situation she would be unlikely to reach orgasm no matter how long you have intercourse with her.

Learn Special Cunnilingus Techniques give Women Powerful Orgasm

To get her turned on, make yourself look good for her, and create an atmosphere which will get her in the mood. You can try playing some sex games which she can take part in.

Now that you have her more interested and turned on, your next step is to stimulate your woman and bring her state of arousal to a higher level. Since women take longer than men to reach orgasms you may find that you reach your orgasm before she does. In order to avoid this, spend more time on arousing your partner through foreplay. Cunnilingus is a very good technique to get her highly aroused up to the point of climax.

Once she is in this deep state of arousal, she will more than likely signal you to penetrate her. This is where you can now choose a sex position that will satisfy both yourself and your partner. It is important to remember that while she is reaching climax, and through her orgasm do not stop or change position until she signals you she has had enough.

Learn How To Give Women Intense Sexual Pleasure Through Oral Sex

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    In this article we are going to talk about yet another taboo topic: How to give a female a orgasm. The truth is, if you are reading this, you are probably already aware of some of the pathetic statistics about women and their enjoyment ( or LACK thereof..:-) in shared intimacy with their man. And I KNOW you guys don't want to hear it, but the facts, and wide assortment of women surveyed, don't lie.

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    During the moment of sex, a woman may experience enjoyment or disappointment. Some women have had their orgasm, some did not and some just faked it. It is quite important for a man to know how he can get his lady to an intense female orgasm.

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    Achieving the female orgasm is a possibility for every woman and it can be accomplished in three ways: through vaginal stimulation, clitoral stimulation and G-spot stimulation. What men always fail to consider when making love to a woman is the fact that a penis is a lot different from a vagina.

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    Making a woman climax isn't an easy thing to do for most men. Women are just build differently and require a different kind of stimulation to become aroused. If you want to make your woman climax every time, you'd do well to read this article without skipping a single word.

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    Female orgasm is a challenging subject and at the same time intimidating for men. Some men are aware that most women find it hard to reach climax during sexual intercourse making men appear inadequate and unskilled in the art of lovemaking. If you want to give your girl an orgasm and keep her asking for more then you need the right skills and the techniques to satisfy your woman in bed.

    By: Thomasl Sexualityl 22/10/2009 lViews: 491

    While man and woman may be equal, they are as different as different can be. This also holds true when it comes to orgasmic experiences. Usually, men experience orgasm only once during the entire sexual activity, but women are capable of multiple orgasms.

    By: Thomasl Sexualityl 22/10/2009 lViews: 602
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