How to Make Yourself Squirt: 3 Most Common Mistakes That Women Make

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What's messy, can be a bit loud but feels incredibly good for you as a woman? This is none other than a squirting orgasm. Although not a lot of women can have a squirting orgasm on a regular basis, you should experience the out-of-this-world sensations at least once.

Basically, what happens during a squirting orgasm is that your urethra releases a fluid which can be either clear or milky - which has the same composition as the semen released by men during ejaculation.

So how is it that not a lot of women experience squirting orgasms? If you haven't had it at least once in your life, what could you be doing wrong? Read on to find out about the top three mistakes that you can make while learning how to make yourself squirt.

Mistake #1: Not Allowing Yourself To Let Go

The reason why most women do not experience squirting orgasms is because the sensation is like the release that they feel once they have to urinate. Who wouldn't be embarrassed at 'accidentally' having to do this while you are engaging in some hot sex with your new man?

However, you do have to let yourself go if you want to learn how to make yourself squirt and reach an orgasm this way. Although the sensation is similar to the one that you feel when you have to urinate, it will feel incredibly good for you afterwards once you actually allow yourself to release that

Mistake #2: Not Learning Enough About Female Ejaculation

Squirting orgasms has many names, and one of them is female ejaculation. The common knowledge is that you can only have a squirting orgasm once your G-spot is stimulated. If this is the case, then there should be absolutely no reason why you should forgo having a G-spot orgasm and experiencing what squirting orgasms are all about.

As long as you know that a squirting orgasm is a perfectly normal reaction of your body during the peak of your lovemaking session, then you should be good to go.

Mistake #3: Not Letting Your Partner In On The Action

If you know that you are liable to having squirting orgasms, inform your partner about it instead of being embarrassed once it actually happens. Whether the man you're with is a fan or porn films or not, he surely would have uttered the word "Hot" once he sees a scene of a female gushing during an orgasm.

He would definitely think that you're hot, too if you are able to have a squirting orgasm - so let him in on the action!

By doing away with these mistakes, you can learn about the real and most effective way on how to make yourself squirt and have one of the best orgasms of your life.

After learning about the top three mistakes that women make when it comes to having a squirting orgasm, visit our site to learn more about this subject - as well as what female ejaculation is all about.

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    Jesse Corbett

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